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    Just Bought a Cold Laminator, Help

    Laminate: Base Vinyl:
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    Just Bought a Cold Laminator, Help

    We offer a 3.75 Mil Textured Clear Polypropylene that is UL410 Approved for slip resistance. 54" x 150' Roll is $265.00 Delivered. Base material 4 Mil White Vinyl with removable adhesive 54" x 150' Roll also $265.00 Delivered.
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    Offset or Digital Vinyl Sheets Recommendation ???

    Laser or Indigo? We offer both. Label Express 763.398.0127
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    Plastic stock suggestion?

    Most of our Synthetic Papers, Opaque Styrene and Polyesters run in the Xerox, Konica and Ricoh production presses. Check it out and let me know if you need samples. Also, please let me know what press you are using and I can check compatibility...
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    Search Terms for Pressure Sensitive

    Classic Focus Group: If you needed pressure sensitive vinyl for toner fusion and/or indigo, what search terms would you use? Thanks for the feedback!
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    cutsheet label media besides Starliner

    60# Gloss Cast Coated 60# Matte Litho Let me know if you need samples.
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    Polyester cutsheet supplier

    Our 6,8,10 Mil Synthetic paper is compatible but only 270 GSM on the 10 Mil 12 Mil at 315 GSM is listed as testing recommended PVC - Nothing compatible Styrene - 10 Mil compatible 335-340 GSM
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    Solid Suppliers?

    We're a distributor for General Formulations and MacTac. Let me know what you're looking for and we can get you product and pricing information. Everything will be shipping from MI/IN/MN however, so lead time may be an issue.
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    Polyester cutsheet supplier Synthetic Paper & PVC What xerox press are you running, I can check compatibility.
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    Southeast paper suppliers/mills who are you using?

    You can try Lindenmeyr Munroe, I know they usually stock a ton of Williamsburg. Always use for your pressure sensitive needs!
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    Cohesive Paper Supplier

    If you are looking for a two-sided pressure sensitive sheet we offer that but it only comes in one thickness. You can always stick the sheets together, but the adhesive is permanent both sides.
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    What do the different types of plastic based labels mean- PVC,PP,PET etc ?

    PVC, PP, PET, PE, BOPP, PS PVC = Poly Vinyl Chloride = Vinyl PP = Polypropylene PET = Polyester BOPP = Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene PS = Pressure Sensitive Vinyl is mostly used for wall and floor graphics with an indoor application. Cheaper than polyester. Polyprop is a cheaper form of...
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    How to print "See Through Double Side" Printed Labels

    Or you can apply a window opaque barrier film with a laminator.

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