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    Receipts for Mailing

    We're currently in the process of trying to simplify our billing process. Currently for postage and mailing jobs, we are currently sending our customers the postage report that we generate when we presort the mail as proof of mailing. But for stamps, apparently some clients want proof that we...
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    Calculating Weight and Thickness for Mail Pieces - Free Software

    Hey all! I've been working on a personal project that has helped me in my current job. I work in a prepress department and process mailing lists on a regular basis. One of the most annoying things for me is having to make a dummy of the mail piece with the exact paper and envelope so I can get...
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    Determining G7 Solid Ink Densities for Coated/Uncoated Papers

    I've been reading through all of the available G7 how to documentation available and there's still two things that I can't seem to find definitive answers about. So this is a two part questions: 1) During the calibration press run, I know that LAB values are used to measure the individual...
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    Preps 6 - Cannot map colors in JDF

    Anyone that is using Preps 6, perhaps you can weigh in on this... I'm using Preps 6 but when I print to JDF to export for plates, I select the PDF mapping option in the "General Settings." When I click on the "Color Separations" tab, I cannot deselect colors manually. For instance, if I want to...
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    iGen 4 color settings

    Hi all, looking to see if anyone out there has been having success with color management on their iGen 4 would be willing to share what settings they use to produce the most accurate prints that match a calibrated monitor. Thanks, Justin
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    Automated Imposition with Nexus?

    Hello, I'm currently working for a commercial print shop that utilizes offset and digital. We are currently using EPMS as our MIS and Nexus 10.1 as our preflight workflow software. I'm looking to set up the workflow so that it's completely automated (minus having to make manual corrections to...
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    Booklets Won't Lay Flat

    Please help! I new to printing booklets and I'm having a little trouble with them staying flat. I'm currently printing a booklet that's 8.5" tall by 6" wide. The cover is printed on 120LB Gloss Cover with a ~2mil soft touch lamination. There are 6 inside sheets that were printed on 100LB...
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    Best UV coater for HP Indigo 3550

    I am currently looking into purchasing a UV coater for an HP Indigo 3550. We are going to be running primary either a matte or satin coating, hopefully one that's writable for postcards. Right now I've been comparing the Tec Lighting TruCoat16, the Duplo 100 UV coater, and the Graphic Whizard...
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    HP Indigo 3550 - issues with matte paper

    I'm looking to see if anyone has ever had this problem or knows how to solve it. I have an HP Indigo 3550. I have a file that has densities of up to 270% total ink density. When I print this on matte paper, it looks ok as it's printing but when I take a closer look there's all these white...
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    Epson 10600 - Cyan prints negative image

    I need some serious help. I've been trying to repair an Epson 10600 but everything I've done so far has been to no avail. At first it seemed the only problem was a clogged Magenta head. The top part of the Magenta head on the nozzle check prints fine and then the bottom wouldn't print indicating...
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    HP Indigo 3550 - Would like to calibrate with G7

    I work for a very small marketing company that prints mainly photographs on our Indigo 3550. Compared with our last digital press which was toner based, the color is much better. However, I have noticed that even with a custom profile, there is still a magenta cast to images. It's quite...
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    Epson 10600 - WRONG CARTRIDGE Error Message

    I was troubleshooting an Epson 10600 and inadvertently damaged the driver board. I just replaced the driver board making very sure to replace all the connectors in the same spots. After replacing the board, I get an error on the LCD that says "WRONG CARTRIDGE" I can still boot into...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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