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    Can someone convert my i1 profiler measurement file to a profile for me?

    I recently purchased a CMYKOGV proofer and am unable to convert the measurements to a profile with my existing software. If you can help, please PM me your email and I will send it over. Thanks!
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    Ricoh 9100 series running 400 GSM stock

    Anyone have a Ricoh 9100 or 9110 and have experience with 400 GSM stock capabilities of the machine? What are your impressions of registration and overall performance of the machine running this stock with a high volume?
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    Indigo 3550 vs Xerox 1000 - Opinions?

    Looking into getting away from our current machines and getting an Indigo 3550 or a Xerox 1000. Have any of you guys had experience with these machines? Which would you prefer? Any inherent issues i should be aware of?
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    Free Service Ticket/Issue Tracking Application

    Hey guys, i wrote this free application to help my company keep track of all the open/unresolved issues on our digital presses (so we can harass the service dept to get them fixed). We have had problems with service calls being cleared before the issue is fixed and when multiple issues crop up...
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    We are currently running a Konica Minolta C6000 & C8000. The service has been horrible and we are looking into other options. I've seen some good things about the nexpress and wanted to get some opinions from operators... Hows the up time on this machine? Right now down time is killing us on the...
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    Number Up Calculating App

    Hey guys, I developed a program called Nup, it's a Number Up Calculator for iOS, & Android. Its quick and easy to use, Just plug in your info and click calculate. The program will give a visual display of the imposition and allow you to email a link to it. Also supports monkey imposition! If...
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    Screen Cezanne Elite Image Distortion

    Hey Guys, When i scan in old negs on my cezanne elite, i get a few lines of distortion in it (see attachment). Any idea what is causing this? I already replaced the $600 bulbs. Please let me know if you have any clues? Thanks!
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    Automated Barcode Replacement

    Anyone implemented this kind of flow? We normally regenerate barcodes to allow for ink gain on press. Just curious if there is anyone who has automated the process.
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    Digital print estimating app

    I designed a digital print estimating application for android and iOS. The updated version of Digital QuikQuote is live on the apple app store, and google play. If you would like to try the app you can get it here... Google Play...
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    477 gsm digital printer

    Have you guys ever heard of a printer that will print 24pt (477 gsm)? I recently purchased a product at the store that looks like it was printed full color laser. I didnt think there was anything out there that could do something this thick.
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    KM C6000 Image shifts after running about hundred sheets

    We have an odd problem with out c6000. We will get the job set up and being running, after about 100 sheets the back image will shift 3/16" intermittently. Sometimes it will do it for 10 sheets straight, sometimes every other sheet. We havent stopped the job mid run or anything. It just...
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    Konica Minolta 6000 resources and/or tips

    Just signed a lease on a new KM 6000, just wondering if any of you guys could suggest any good resources or tips for operation.
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    Minolta 6000 thoughts?

    Looking to purchase a new 6000 with booklet maker n fiery rip. Any one have any input on the device?
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    Printer model suggestions?

    We are looking to step into digital printing and have no experience with digital presses. Right now we have Ricoh 411dn and 811dn laser printers. When we print on enamel or 100# cover on these printers. The solid colors are moddeled and when printing heavy coverage on those stocks the toner...
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    Pitstop Professional

    Needing pitstop pro software thats compatible with intel macs. Please respond here or shoot me a message if you have one for sale. Thanks!
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    Soft Proofing

    I would like to implement a soft proofing at our company, but im not sure what all goes into it or if its a reliable means to represent press color. I have NO experience with soft proofing. Can someone please explain to me how it works? Does acrobat use the destination profile of the PDF as an...
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    Illustrator Rotated Rectangle Issue

    I recently bought a new i7 imac and installed CS4 Design Prem. Now when i open illustrator, create a new doc and draw a rectangle its rotated 45 degrees... anyone have any idea on how to fix this? I had the same software installed on my powerpc G5, with no problems. I've tried to reinstall and...
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    Apogee X Prepress - Advanced CMM

    I noticed the advanced cmm check box and i was curious what exactly its for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Akiyama and/or KBA opinions

    Hey guys, We are looking at purchasing either a 93 Akiyama Bestech 6 color 28x40 press or a 93 KBA 28x40 5 color Rapida 104. Any thoughts or opinions? The reason we are looking at these two is because the GM has found a good deal on those two. Thanks so much!!! Ernie
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    Stock Question 4 you printing experts

    Hey guys, having a little problem... We are running a job on 20pt board thats recycled content with the white paper laminated to one side... The original press run looked great customer approved press proofs and we're good to go. The GM ordered the "same" board from a different manufacturer...

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