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    Dot gain test sheet layout

    What is the best layout for a dot gain test sheet. I made one myself but i have pretty big difference in dot gain between the front and the back of the sheet. In the 40% tone for some colors the difference between the front and the back can be 6 or 7%. Can the layout effect these numbers...
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    SCTV formula in excel

    Does anyone have an excel sheet to calculate sctv values? We print in CMYKOGV and use minispots for our process control in excel. We now want to use SCTV to calculate the dotgain for OGV instead of the traditional method. We use the Techkon spectrodens and when i measure in SCTV mode i get the...
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    MFX MetalFX Colour Pallete

    Hi Al, We purchase the MFX Technology back in 2005 never really set off but now i would like to use some colors from the swatchbook but my cd does not want to read anymore :(. Does anyone still have the digital swatch book if so can you send them to me? Thanks in advance. Ben

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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