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    Why would a printer not want to receive a layered PDF?

    Some people just don't need extra bells and whistles. When a software company sets up new interfaces, adds new bugs (unavoidable), and adds confusing terminology, it becomes learning-curve time... and many of us would rather do the simple things we have done dependably in the past rather than...
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    For sale: New Fuji LH-PJ plates, size 616 x 726 x 0.3

    These are new Fuji LH-PJ plates, size 616 x 726 x 0.3. Expiration date: January 2021. $400 per package of 30 plates each. (Pretty deep discount.) Plus shipping (≈ 35# per package from 85713 Arizona). Good plates, our problem with them is that someone ordered them without thinking what size...
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    ESS E-500 service

    I am looking for manuals, parts lists, diagrams, (anything!) for Electro Sprayer Systems' E-500 unit that is found on circa-year-2000 Komori presses. Electro Sprayer Systems was sold 15 years ago to Harris & Bruno, who sold it to another company that went out of business. If you can help me...
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    CSR and Prepress roles merging (a little)?

    The greatest obstacles to progress are fear and laziness.
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    Job Status

    A good baker knows his oven.
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    Salesman Commission...

    I've been thinking about the reply I gave yesterday and there is one area that I had forgotten to address: Is he being a "hunter or a farmer"? (To use kansasquaker's phrase.) Or is he just trying to get whatever he can? I'd say you'd be best to consider this: If he's expected to be a hunter...
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    Salesman Commission...

    I would say that as long as he keeps "stirring up" work out of clients he should get commission on those clients. (Residuals are different to this.) Out of YOUR current clients, I'd say settle on half commission. That's similar to stealing work from a fellow salesperson inside a friendly shop...
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    Stahl Handwheel clutch assembly

    We had to disassemble part of our unit #1 of a Stahl T-36 buckle plate folding maschine. We are looking for drawings of any kind for the clutch assembly for the handwheel. The assembly looks somewhat different from what we'd expect and we don't want to mess it up when we put things back...
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    Salesman Commission...

    One of the shops I associate with does operate on percentage of profit and, because they are meticulously honest, it works very well for them and their salespeople. However, the percentage of revenue is more transparent for most shops. The shop loses more on some jobs, but it incents the...
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    Calendar Booklet with Remittance Envelope stitched at center

    Make sure your envelopes are feedable! You either have to hand feed them (ugh!) or have enough size of flap to feed from the "pocket". You can also fold #9 or #10 in half for pocket feeding on many machines. Our Müller-Martini requires that we pre-fold the remit envelope before putting in the...
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    Letterpress numbering machines

    We do a fair amount of numbering work on our Heidelberg windmill. We'd like to do more, but our sources for reliable numbering machines seem to have dried up during the Anti-mechanical Revolution. We have used some of the machines advertised as "new" on ebay and other places, and they don't...
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    Folding and Grain...

    Here's your answer: your problem is twofold. The thinner the paper, the lighter the score you must make. (Not "less wide", but less impression.) Remember that generally you are breaking the paper fibers somewhat when you score (or crease), even if it looks as if you are simply compressing them...
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    Broken Packages...

    This is a difficult area. As the other folks have said, it seems that the common practice is to give full count on "house stock" envelopes, e.g., 24# commercial #10 regulars. The stickier area is the special order envelope. It seems that most shops in our area set up on house stock and then...
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    New look of Print Planet forums with little logos or whatever to the side...

    I don't like it. Far too distracting. I'm "A.D.whatever" or "O.C.whatever" to start with and this is just plain cruel to my poor brain.
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    Your Designer Can Probably Do This

    Very nice PR piece for Xerox. Kind of informative even.
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    Lets play What Would You Charge Again?

    ?? Why on earth? Looks awwful. And inches? Simply because Thomas Jefferson, who had the power to decide as President, was far more radical than practical and refused to support the metric system "because it did not have decimal notation for time". True. Pathetic, but true.
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    Stitching remittance envelopes

    I was poking around and noticed this. We have not found a way to do this, either. We hand-feed at the front of the chain, which is a pain and is slow.
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    Irish Government Purchase Komori Press that didn't fit

    If you read the news story, it's truly pathetic. The very first thing that pops out at me is that the press had to fit in a space 2.5m high, and it's a full 2.1m high. Would ya think pressman would find it delightful to rap his knuckles on the ceiling every time he raised the gate to change a...
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    Taking Credit

    Ah, politics.;)
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    Faint images

    I going to hazard a guess: the image is longer than the circumference of at least one forme roller or of the oscillator roller. You MIGHT be able to fix this with a "jumbo" oscillator roller. If the problem is what I think it is, that is the only way out that I think of.

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Automatically Autonomous Automation
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