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    Preflight files

    Re: Preflight files We use PitStop Server and PitStop Pro for preflight. When we preflight native files, we PDF the files and preflight the PDF. Abe Hayhurst Director of Color and Technology We Do Graphics, Inc.
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    Back up And Archiving ....ideas

    Re: Back up And Archiving ....ideas We do long term backup to two sets of LTO2 Tapes that are moved off-site. These tapes are never recycled/re-used. We do short term backup to two different sets of hard drives (500 GB SATA2) in an eSATA enclosure. The sets alternate every other week and are...
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    Heidelberg/Linotype-Hell Topaz 2 Scanner

    Topaz 2 Scanner Up to 5080 dpi SCSI connection 2 removable glass trays Reflective matt Mounting guide/ruler Newcolor software for Windows XP Linolcolor 6 software for Mac OS 9.x I'll even throw in the PC and Mac SCSI cards if you need them. Make me an offer on forum or email...
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    Two Sided Proofers

    Re: Two Sided Proofers We have been using the Spinjet 5500 for over 3 years now and are very happy with it. Abe Hayhurst Director of Color and Technology We Do Graphics, Inc.
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    Printready 3.0 and DCS 2.0 Format

    Re: Printready 3.0 and DCS 2.0 Format We use a product from Callas Software called DCS Merger when we have large numbers of DCS files to merge. It is my opinion that you should try to work in a composite (non-separated) workflow whenever possible. Obviously, if you were dealing with InDesign...
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    Harlequin and SignaStation

    Re: Harlequin and SignaStation You should be able to to export JDF from Prinect SignaStation to a Harlequin RIP. If for some reason that does not work, you could always export imposed PDF from Prinect SignaStation to the RIP. Even though JDF is a much smaller file to export, I am amazed at how...
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    Dot pattern?

    Re: Dot pattern? I agree with Gordon and Don. I think round dots are the best dot shape for AM (and hybrid) screening. If you are looking at the printed results from an unlinearized (no curve) plate, you will find that you can get roughly the same dot gain (at 50%) on press with 200 linescreen...
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    What do you have and what's your opinion of it?

    Re: What do you have and what's your opinion of it? We have Heidelberg Prinance and like it alot. It can be learned quickly and is an excellent source of JDF data. We are going to be adding on a web-to-print option soon that integrates very well. One of the best things about Prinance is how...
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    Custom PDF Settings...

    Re: Custom PDF Settings... Brad wrote: "PDF 1.3 flattens transparency. PDF 1.4 and greater keeps tranparency. All PDF /X standards use PDF 1.3 except PDF/X-4:2007 which uses 1.4 and keeps transparency. " Just to be clear, the export presets built into Adobe CS3 for PDF/X-4 uses PDF version...
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    Standard Line Screen

    Re: Standard Line Screen We run 175 lpi for uncoated stock and 240 lpi for coated stock. Abe Hayhurst Director of Color and Technology We Do Graphics, Inc.
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    Alternative to Pitstop?

    Re: Alternative to Pitstop? Don Isbell wrote: "Also, what's the best PDF trapping software that will trap PDF 1.6 with live transparency? I look to a future for myself where I use a rip with an Adobe PDF Print Engine where transparency will not have to be flattened (as long as white lines...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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