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  1. benstarr

    X-Rite Eye-One iSis Question

    It's the same on 3.2 so I must be mis remembering. I guess you need two measurements for M0
  2. benstarr

    X-Rite Eye-One iSis Question

    There isn't a way to change the behavior. Although for some reason I thought M0 was single scan and dual was required for M2 like on the i1 Pro 2. What version of i1 Profiler are you using? I wonder if this got switched in the software at some point or if I'm just remembering incorrectly.
  3. benstarr

    Viral Consideration

    They're expecting to get money from a printer?
  4. benstarr


    Xrite i1 Pro 3, or i1 Pro 2 are probably your best bets depending on what you needs are. The i1 Pro 3 Plus would be better if you need a larger aperture. The i1 solutions all require connection to a computer to get the readings. If you're looking for something that has an integrated display...
  5. benstarr

    Geekbench testing for Macs/workstations

    While geekbench scores are interesting they are not very directly related to actual performance. As mentioned Adobe Applications do not utilize the multiple cores (or CPUs) very well, so a high multicore geekbench score means much less than a high singe core score of your spending your days in...
  6. benstarr

    Taking Credit

    Does anyone else find it problematic that there is only one woman in the room and a man is taking credit for her work?
  7. benstarr

    Magazine with 8000 unique covers

    I've seen this before ( From a technology standpoint it's really interesting, but from a design standpoint it leaves a lot to be desired.
  8. benstarr

    What does it say?

    To me sounds like they know how to prepare a file for print but not for an email campaign. Sending an email campaign with the message as a PDF attachment is a very bad way to have it be read or in some cases even get it delivered.
  9. benstarr

    Colour Perception Test

    That link is for a small subset of the actual test. This link has the more complete version of the test, with much more detail. The online test is OK, it can be fun and be used to get a general idea about color vision, but it is not a replacement for...
  10. benstarr

    Proofing question

    7.0 and higher is windows only for the server so, so if you ever need to upgrade the MacOS compatibility for the server is irrelevant. The client (Mac or Windows) now runs on Command Workstation which is the same as for Fiery Cut Sheet RIPs, that is updated frequently, so should always support...
  11. benstarr

    Any reason to buy non Epson inks?

    There are plenty of reasons not to use non Epson inks. Epson will give you a hard time with support if you ever have an issue. They are not going to match your Epson inks so you'll have to re-profile. Third party inks likely do not go the the same level of QC as Epson so they may be more...
  12. benstarr

    Garage Environment

    I'd suggest getting a temp and humidity logger and sticking it in the garage. This will give you some data about the actual temp and humidity in the space and can help make a decision, it won't be able to give you the full picture as you don't have a full year to leave it in place but some...
  13. benstarr

    Cloud phone system

    One more thing I'd recommend is try to get something with either no contract or a very short term. That way if you're not happy you're not locked in.
  14. benstarr

    Cloud phone system

    I don't think that either Skype or Connect are full fledged phone systems, they might get the job done but the have some limitations. I really like Jive for VOIP. There are so many cloud based VOIP solutions that are great alternatives to traditional phone service. But be sure to shop around...
  15. benstarr

    G7 for Indesign and Acrobat

    If you don't have access to the original InDesign to re-export a PDF, your next best bet is to use a tool like Pitstop to add the QR code into the PDF.
  16. benstarr

    Mac files won't work in hot folder

    I've had similar issues in the past. I think it was related to the SMB versions involved. Sorry I can't be more helpful but hopefully that gets you pointed in the right direction.
  17. benstarr

    Font Managment

    +1 for Suitcase Fusion with TeamSync, it keeps all of your computers font libraries synced up through the cloud. Plus it has plug-ins for most applications.
  18. benstarr

    Creating a custom proofing profile for Uncoated stock

    To add onto what Gordo and DeltaE have said there is also questions about how is the profile being made in GMG. What charts are used? What settings? What measurement mode? …
  19. benstarr

    Soft Proofing a Gradient with Spot Colors

    When you are looking at the soft-proof on screen what software are you viewing with? Both the before and after. Many applications cannot present color accurate spot colors on screen, and overprints would be particularly tough to get right.
  20. benstarr

    Canon w8400 'prints' but no ink comes out

    I don't have any real answers for you but if you have a new head laying around, I'd replace it and see if it works. In my opinion it wouldn't be worth it to purchase a ~$600 printhead that may or may not fix the issue on a printer that old. I think the money would be better spent investing in a...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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