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  1. benstarr


    We are getting rid of our Finalproof, FREE just pick it up ASAP! Fuji Finalproof Luxel 5600 Should be in working condition, it's been sitting for about a year but was working fine last time we used it. Included - 2 vacuum uints - PAT integrated Filter/Humidifier (including extra filters) -...
  2. benstarr

    Newspaper Proofs

    I've been working with a client on making some newspaper proofs on their Epson and we have achieved some good results. What the client would like to do before they sign off on the proofs is compare them to a proof made by the New York Times and/or USA Today. I know that both the Times and USA...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
Although the autonomous car is not quite ready, a lights out print operation is something you can do right now if you have a comprehensive Print MIS (Management Information System). The advantages can put money on your bottom line. So what’s your next step? Link to Article