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  1. pnamajck

    CS6 and Apple OS

    fwiw … for those out of the know … affinity-publisher is currently listed at 50% off … can't beat $25.
  2. pnamajck

    InDesign Mac - Imported accent characters come out as caps

    mac-os … indesign … merged … weird-encoding … the default “unicode(utf-8)” text-encoding may need adjustment to “Western Mac OS Roman” … this is applied, under “advanced” options ("numbers" program), when creating *.csv file for indesign's data-merge utility. edit: this is not...
  3. pnamajck

    Acrobat Rendering

    no, sir … you are not alone … happens on some of the *.pdf files customers send us as well. in fact … also happens, to a lesser extent, with *.indd files also. spend some time over at adobe's forum … research some archived posts … their dev-team come onto...
  4. pnamajck

    CS6 and Apple OS

    fyi for anyone dropping by … top-left menubar … apple-icon () … about-this-mac … system-report … software … applications … “64-bit: yes/no”.
  5. pnamajck

    Acrobat PreFlight Profile

    open acrobat(pro dc 2019) … "edit-preflight" … “select-profiles(icon)” … “options” … “create profile” … rename “new profile 1” as “append(test)” … click “save”. custom-profile sub-categories (doc, pgs, img, cols, etc.) click “custom-checks” … click “create new check(icon)” … highlight “new...
  6. pnamajck

    Variable data for Illustrator

    not sure what your environment is … if your workflow utilizes kodak's prinergy, you might find this to be a worthwhile read:
  7. pnamajck

    PDF READER for DUMB clients

    ay-yi-yi-yi … the product is "free" … expect no support … be happy they offer a free version. is it really so difficult removing a couple start-menu items? keep whining and the free version disappears … capicé? look at it from another perspective. consider yourselves as 'beta-testers' … y'all...
  8. pnamajck

    Delete layers

    thanks for following up with the resolution, kaiserwilhelm … will help others in the future. :D
  9. pnamajck

    Temporary Direct Selection Tool

    if your selection-tool is selected … you can temporarily select direct-selection-tool by clicking "a" key on keyboard. to return to selection-tool … click "v" key on keyboard. indiscriminately, by hovering your mouse[cursor] in front of each tool, keyboard-shortcut appears for that tool … i...
  10. pnamajck

    .291 bleed to .05

    since there will be some netizens who don’t have pitstop or might become confused creating a pitstop action … i offer an alternative … acrobat’s ‘cropping’ feature. if i understand kaiserwilhelm’s plight correctly … his customer needs a 8.5x11(trim) page, and routinely applies .291” bleeds to...
  11. pnamajck

    Callout Plugin?

    fyi … adobe's indesign-support site also offers scripting:
  12. pnamajck

    Callout Plugin?

    if you are using kodak-prinergy workflow … many text-variables in the offering … reproduced on media output … most of what you're asking about. another option might be a script … working within/beside indesign … of course, those may/mayn't fall apart with next...
  13. pnamajck

    CS6 and Apple OS

    new imac (ssd) and 16gb-ram and 27" retina (dual monitor setup) … mac-osx-sierra (10.12.6) … running cs6, cc'17, cc'18 without so much as hiccup. while this is not high-sierra … am willing to bet dollars-to-donuts cs6 will run fine.
  14. pnamajck

    CorelDRAW—2018 Released

    dmillsock simply thinks outside the box. he’s got a secret stash/cache of *.cdr vectors … and, once IW1(image-war-1) transcends, with adobe and quark surreptitiously annihilating each other … our constituent will pull out all the stops … claiming ultimate...
  15. pnamajck

    Polar 92 CE manuals

    mulo_g … took less than three minutes searching on google … handful of manuals available … i don't have account … set up your own account … edit the search parameters for whatever else you need … have a good day.
  16. pnamajck

    Converting to Grayscale custom Action

    mac-osx (10.12.6) enfocus pitstop pro 2017 (update 1) the above pitstop version has an action set up already … entitled “set almost black text to 100k” … the 'action' is located within the 'color' group. default value conversion already set from 85%-k to 100%-k values … targeting text elements...
  17. pnamajck

    Preps 7.5 collation marks for mixed binding styles

    i've come across similar oddities in the past. one way you might do this is within a 'web-press' setup. and thanks for including screen-cap with your original post, gianni. compose your first 4pg in the "press-runs" view/tab of preps (7.1-8.0). at this stage, you can designate that 4pg setup as...
  18. pnamajck

    Illustrator extensions manager crashers on start up

    nice idea in a perfect world … but, not everyone can justify paying a monthly subscription rates. i suspect BigSi plays those cards in his hands. personally, i use cs4 and am not about to upgrade.
  19. pnamajck

    You know you're old when . . .

    workin' the rubylith was the most enjoyable … bendin' over those damned light-tables with a piercing migraine was the most debilitating. small wonder i went through so many cases of bacardi-select back then.
  20. pnamajck

    Free image preprocessing app

    i have not tested the product, exiton … but recognize a "preset" option fellow member Stephen Marsh illustrated should definitely be a vital component of your software. often we accept 200pg to 350pg books which incorporate themed designs inherent on each/every page within the book. a quick...

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