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    Fujifilm Stopping Production of Printing Plates in US
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    Fujifilm Stopping Production of Printing Plates in US

    Japanese photography giant Fujifilm Corp. is closing several plants in South Carolina as more than half its employees in the state will lose their jobs. Fujifilm will close four sites in Greenwood by September 2022, eliminating 400 of the roughly 700 jobs in the state, the company said in a July...
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    Kodak acquires SLP

    Today Kodak announced the acquisition of the service and parts assets of Southern Lithoplate Inc., complementing the strategic alliance formed with SLP in December 2020. Southern Lithoplate’s strong customer support and expertise within the newspaper sector and Kodak’s world-class products and...
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    SM52 Plate thickness

    @Chris_PTA customer may check with the platesetter manufacturer to see if there is an optional add-on to allow the thinner plate to be imaged. For example, on a Trendsetter, there is an option for a range extender to image 0.14mm to 0.4mm plate thicknesses. Might be an easier solution than...
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    How to access inks in Epson 9900

    You can also try a needle or long pin in the hole in the door. It doesn't take much to get the door open. Sounds like the issue is with the new cartridge. I had the same issue last month with an aftermarket cartridge. Depending on where you buy your ink, they may offer to replace it for you...
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    Agfa Increases Offset Plate Prices

    Here is the correct link to the Mar 23, 2021 announcement:
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    USA Today to end print edition

    For one so good at accurate reporting and debunking of myths and rumors, I'm a little surprised that Gordo would post a story such as this. Surely the end will come at some point, but print is still an influential form of propaganda for individual owners (eg. Jeff Bezos, Patrick Soon-Shiong, and...
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    Process-free Plates

    So, a "process-free" plate that you have to process for clean out? Couldn't you just as easy run the low contrast plate through a unit filled with fountain solution and water to clean it out?
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    Azura TE Light Sensitivity...

    So the bottom plate of the box was good? How far done in the box are they bad? Is it progressively better or is plate 15 bad and plate 16 good? Is the bundle emulsion up when you open the box? Interleaf and cardboard on top of plate?
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    Kodak plates bad from the factory?

    Has the Kodak rep been able to tell you if the scratches occur before or after imaging? They should be able to look at the disturbance and tell that where you have halftone image over one of the scratched areas. Also, not sure of your MCU configuration, but could you try changing...
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    Kodak plates bad from the factory?

    Do you have any lot numbers on site that are more drastically different in manufacturing age than the 2 you have tried? One problem with it being a manufacturing issue is your plant across town not having the same problem with the same lot number. Is this plate a different gauge than the other 3...
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    Trendsetter News 2637 AL - Autoload Plate Picker Timing Out

    Do your plates have slip sheets between them? Is the machine set to remove the slip sheet and then take the plate?
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    Xerox calling about invoices that are not even due yet????

    Gotta make the books look good if you're looking for a buyer! :eek:
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    Trendsetter 3230 Not enough light error

    Getting an error on our Trendsetter 3230 (eol) for Exposure Head: LV Not Enough light for beam balance - Prompt: 17686 Cannot get plate to image. Any ideas? Thank you
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    Prinergy Evo 5.x workflow creation

    Have you looked on the service website? Not sure if you need a login or not as I am always logged in.
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    The Print Order

    Lucky for you, your 64 page, single-sided booklet magically morphed into a 32 page, double-sided booklet! But we'll have to charge you twice as much for the printing on the back of each page.
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    Does anyone use Quark anymore?

    Do you really want to draw out more fire? :) I will say in the 17 years at my company we received CorelDraw files from 1 customer. We ended up taking it in to Illustrator to work with it. What's even more amazing is that I'm pretty sure in one of the turnover/transition periods in Corel's...
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    AGFA Azura TU Plate problem with run up

    What was the issue with the Fuji plates? Run length? Performance?

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