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  1. JaimeZ

    Can't print to nework printers out of Mac OS 10.6.7

    I just upgraded by Macs to the Mac OS 10.6.7 and now my network printers will not print out of the Macs. I have a Fiery rip with the Canon imagePress C6000, imageRunner 7095, Xante Ilumina and my old, old, old Harlequin rip which runs my ECRM Mako imagestter (it runs on Apple talk). The good...
  2. JaimeZ

    HP not following US Law--Selling to Iran

    The Boston Globe broke the news that HP is selling printers to Iran illegally? What's your opinion? Here's the link: HP uses third party to sell printers in Iran - The Boston Globe I like HP products, but this makes me think twice about purchasing their products in the future!
  3. JaimeZ

    Traditional Offset to Digital Sales

    An interesting comment was made in another thread on the ration of offset printing to digital printing sales. It led me to think of the shops that have both traditional offset and digital, how are your sales distributed? Let's keep it simple and not worry about prepress and bindery sales for...
  4. JaimeZ

    Xerox 8000 too expensive? While Canon 7000 seems right.

    A local digital printer lost a major client and is now reeling badly. They have Xerox 8000 on lease for $8,000 a month. Is this too much. Another local traditional offset printer picked up a Canon 7000 at $3,100 a month. This seems much better. What is the major difference between the two...
  5. JaimeZ

    What are you thankful for?

    During this Christmas Season (or Holiday Season), what are you grateful for? I'm grateful for Jesus, my savior and God for sending Him for a propitiation of our sins. My wife and my children. My parents for this printing company. My clients for giving me business. My employees for working hard.
  6. JaimeZ

    Xante has a dedicate envelope machine

    At Grapho Expo Xante introduced the Ilumina with envelope feeder and they call it the Ilumina Digital Envelope Press+. According to Xante it will be ready to ship in January 2009. Looks very promising and may be an answer to printing envelopes on a toner based device. As I've already posted...
  7. JaimeZ

    Looking for Metal CTP

    We hope to get into CTP next year. I've looked at several 2up metal devices over the years, including the Presstek Vector TX52, RipIt (now Xante) SpeedSetter VM, and ECRM MAKO 4x. But I seem to be leaning on Heidelberg's Suprasetter A52/A75. After experiencing an imagesetter (a ECRM mako)...
  8. JaimeZ

    What type of website do you have?

    We're using a Printers Presence Website. It's good for us. What other options are out there? Do some have a custom site?
  9. JaimeZ

    Has anyone had any experience with the Xante ILUMINA

    We purchased a Xante ILUMINA and it will be delivered tomorrow. Has anyone had experience with this machine?
  10. JaimeZ

    Anyone use a Xante Laser Platemaker 5?

    We're expecting delivery tomorrow on a Xante Platemaker 5 laser polyester plate maker. Does anyone have any experience with it? JaimeZ

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