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    Sold 1 photo print in past 7 weeks. How do you guys find buyers?

    Not being funny but if you are looking to sell leaflets your in the wrong game, you need to find a niche, with people like Route 1 in the UK selling leaflets at prices you can only dream of, you are fighting an up hill battle! get your thinking cap on and find something unique and get out there...
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    Ricoh 9200?

    Would you not consider running your finishing 'Near Line' we have 3 productions machines and run a Duplo 350 separately, find its so much faster and gives us greater flexibility. How do you find the click charges on the Ricoh mono machines, I have been told they are very high compared to Xerox...
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    Recommended Monthly Volume for Versant 180

    We've had a V180 for 12 months now, other than the constant issues with the 2nd BTR, the machine is brilliant, does way more than a box of this size should. to be honest I would have 3/4 of them if I had the volume. If you can afford to buy it outright do it! then its 100% down to you to get the...
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    What medium-duty digital press to buy? (Small print shop)

    if you only have $7000 have you considered the C75/J75, maybe even look at the C550/C560 range, would have thought there are plenty of them available now with fairly low click counts and embedded fiery.
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    C7200X vs Versant 180

    We run both the C7100 and V180, both machines are perfect for our size business. Both machines have plus points depending on the job and substrate you are running. The Ricoh is fantastic at printing tints if grey and fine, small point text, equally the colours off the V180 are more vibrant. Both...
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    Fuji Xerox... anyone know much about the new press?

    I read a news edit after I posted that comment and it says the press will be in the 300-400k (sterling) range, thats list price but can't see how they can pitch it so high. I can start looking at the HP Indigo 7 series range from 250k sterling and thats a beast of a machine! time will tell but...
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    Fuji Xerox... anyone know much about the new press?

    From what I understand this is a replacement to the 800/1000 (i) and will be hitting the UK (hopefully) in the second quarter of 2018. I am definitely very interested in seeing the price point of the machine and how they charge the 5th/6th toner and clicks. Guessing the machine is going to be in...
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    Fuji Xerox... anyone know much about the new press?

    looks like interesting news coming from Fuji Xerox tomorrow?? anyone know anything?
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    UV Coating Machine Options in UK

    We currently use a Morgana Digicoater UV coater for coating various digital jobs, everything we coat is gloss and SRA3 max sheet size. I would like to upgrade the machine to something newer and faster. the Digicoater has been great but is now to slow for production. Does anyone have any ideas...
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    Ricoh 7110 one year on

    we have had our C7100 for 14 months now, very happy with it, the best thing I can say about it is the consistency of front to back registration across a long run, how many clicks have you done in the first year of owning your machine? we are at 1 million in 14 months, very happy with the machine...
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    Cutter / Slitter / Creaser

    sorry JRSC for the long delay in replying, for some reason I'm not getting email notification form the site, yes the 745 was definitely worth the extra investment, we see a 50% speed increase on average going through the machine, plus with deeper feed and deeper output stacker less intervention...
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    Cutter / Slitter / Creaser

    we have the Duple 745, amazing piece of kit, started with the 645 and loved it, just wanted something faster with the amount of work we were putting through it. accuracy sheet after sheet is fantastic, larger feed tray and larger stacker, with auto card jogger. we have also taken half the work...
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    RICOH C7100x or XEROX Versant 80 - few questions

    we have been a Xerox shop for last last 8 years, currently with 3 machines, we looked at the Versant 2100 and Ricoh C7100 last year and after much deliberation jumped ship for the first time and bought the Ricoh. Its now been in 7 months and we done 600k clicks and we are over the moon with the...
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    MIS system for 100% digital print small and large format

    thanks for the tip, unfortunately we are UK based and Printers Plan only supports USA and Canada
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    MIS system for 100% digital print small and large format

    I run a small but fast growing 100% digital print company, 5 staff/500k turnover and approx 250-300 jobs per month. I feel we are at the stage of needing to computerise our front end. We run small format digital toner presses through to large format machines for posters, displays, exhibition...
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    High Volume B&W printer with Efi Fiery Command Workstation?

    I currently run 4 digital presses, 3 colour (all Fiery driven) and a mono Xerox D110 with a Freeflow server, the printer is great, very reliable and the server is OK but wouldn't use Freeflow again, Fiery/Command is awesome. have a Look at the Ricoh 8110 mono press, I recently saw the machine at...
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    Production vs Creative

    careful where you are slinging that blanket, not all small companies are run with the small company mentality, I teach my staff that if you are doing extra work for nothing it has to be paid from somewhere and its not going to be my pocket. we run a very efficient high margin digital print...
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    Xerox D95, 110, 125

    We have a D110, installed about 3 years ago and run approx. 100k-130k per month it's been a great machine and other than the usual parts changes and service its a great machine and sound perfect for the level of output you have. We have a free flow rip on it which works fine as this is just a...
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    Xerox Versant 2100 full coverage tints vs. J75

    We currently run a J75 and have been very impressed with the quality and reliability. 1.2 million clicks in 11 months. I am aiming to add to our print room (currently J75, D110, 700) with either a second J75 or the new Versant 2100. My main reasons for the Versant would be true 350gsm capability...
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    Xerox J75 user thoughts please

    We put a j75 in exactly one month ago. We've done 112k clicks and its been a dream. Great solids and tints, no loss of quality or speed on all stocks and fiery front end is top draw! We have a 700 as well which we still use for some jobs but the j75 is a no brainer for any small print production...

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