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    Whats it like in your Country / Part of the World?

    Hi, just curious what it is like around the world at these horrible times. While I don't work in printing directly, but supply/service of equipment side it feels like everything is on pause, Installs cancelled, no call outs etc We have been lucky in the governemnt has been good with an 80% of...
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    Prinergy (TIFF) to Tiff catcher PC

    Hi, Hoping someone here might be able to help Trying to get Prinergy to send tiff files to a Windows 7 Box. Tiff catcher PC box is configured with share, has ARAXI user added and process plan all working. and if you send a set of CMYK plates down it all works like a charm. However Send more...
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    Fuji V6 Luxel Server

    I was curious if anyone has managed to get the Fuji v6 luxel server software running on something newer than 2003 Server / XP to run with CelebranNT as a tiff catcher? These OS are no longer supported by Microsoft.

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