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  1. SlaveToTheMan

    Any US Based shops using a CRON platesetter?

    I know the brand is fairly popular in Asia, now that they've partnered with ECRM and are pushing into the US market, we're looking at replacing an aging Screen 4300 with a CRON model with auto-feeding capabilities but I'm unfamiliar with the company. Would like some real world input, day-to-day...
  2. SlaveToTheMan

    ColorPath Won't Launch

    Almost up-to-date install of XMF, and the ColorPath module won't launch through Safari as it's configured. It prompts to install Silverlight (ugh, WHY is that still a thing??) and even after doing so, ColorPath still asks for the install over & over. I do have a pending appointment to update to...
  3. SlaveToTheMan

    Toner "Spray" on a Xanté Ilumina

    I know the Xanté Ilumina envelope "Press" is really just an Oki copier, but I've been getting this magenta "spray" or toning along one side of any sized env I put through it the last few days. I've cleaned off the LED bars and wiped down the imaging drum rollers and any other parts I could...
  4. SlaveToTheMan

    Canon 7010 and GPA Perm Label Stock

    We've got a fairly short run to get onto this GPA 90# 2 Mil Clear Poly Permanent material through a Canon 7010VP and it is NOT happy. Can't find a stock description through the internal database on the press that matches this, so we had it spec'd as 80# Gloss Cover (not my idea!) and it will run...
  5. SlaveToTheMan

    Everything must go!!!

    Seems our plant is shutting down production at the end of July - next Tuesday to be exact. My understanding is, anything not sold independently SOON will be auctioned off at the end of August by the bank. Anybody looking to pick up equipment, feel free to PM me here & I'll put you in touch with...
  6. SlaveToTheMan

    Sheet registration on Canon 7010VP

    We're starting to run a lot more jobs that are 18-24 up on heavier substrates and having a difficult time keeping front-back registration. We get it all dialed in, but part way through the run, say 100-150 sheets, it's "growing" and gets to be out as much as 1/16"-1/8" at the tail. The job I'm...
  7. SlaveToTheMan

    SCREEN DT-S1045AI Drum Scanner

    This a NON-working unit, although it might serve somebody for parts. Maybe you need extra drums or lamps, or something really heavy to hold open a door? Pics here if interested. - 100-8,000 lines per inch - SCSI Interface - RGB: 24 or 48 bit/ CMYK: 32 bit/Grayscale: 8 bit - Transparency or...
  8. SlaveToTheMan

    Forum Themes

    Are there any different themes loaded that we can choose from? I can't seem to see a difference once I've read the topics in one area, shouldn't that big, blue box fade out when all the topics are read? Oh, and I like this under the name in the upper right: You last visited: 12-31-1969 at...
  9. SlaveToTheMan

    Jump to Newest Post

    This was a Feature Request a while back, the thread seems to be gone now. Any update on whether it's able to be implemented?
  10. SlaveToTheMan

    Go to "Newest Post"?

    Don't see any real Forum Feature threads any more, is there not a way to jump to the "newest Post" since last viewing a thread? I see the one to go to the Last Post, but that's not really useful.

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