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    Shrink Sleeve Question

    Hi, can anyone tell me an easy way to figure out where the center lines of shrink sleeve panels should be? We generally send blank template to our customers that just show the layflat measurement along with the normal clear areas. But, a customer's designer is asking us to provide them with the...
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    Anyone use Esko suite 12 with newer Mac Operating software?

    Is anyone using Esko Deskpak Suite 12 on the newer Mac OS operating software? I know the ESKO website says that Esko Suite 12 is not compatible with the newer versions of the operating software but think its more of a ploy to get you to pay for upgrades. Management is not happy and the cost to...
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    Tricks to remember LAB color space

    Does anyone have any good tricks to remember the LAB color space model? I keep forgetting the info!
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    Stepping out Flexo plates by hand....question on bearer bars!

    Hi, I usually step my files out using Esko software and smartmarks. But, I have a job that needs specific marks so I need to step the files by hand in .ai. I am wondering if anyone knows if the bearer bars should be distorted when I go to distort the art for plating? Since I am used to using...
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    Designer showed a customer final files without overprint preview settings on, really?

    I am in the middle of proofing a job that uses multiple transparencies and blending modes... the proofs looked good (or so I thought), I sent them out for approval (PDFs). Nope, the customer has come back saying the color in the proofs look different than the original files the designer sent...
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    Flexo Screen Angles

    Do most of you use one common set of screen angles for all jobs? I know different screen angles produce different results depending on anilox angles. I had a job plated recently with a different set of screen angles than our "norm" and the dots ended up printing 100x better. I have used the same...
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    Circular (Euclidean) dot shape in ink manager

    Does anyone know what exactly the circular (euclidean) means in Esko Ink manager? Is it basically the same as circular?
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    Upgrading from Esko Suite 12.1 to 16 really needed?

    Hi, I was about to upgrade my current mac OS to a newer version (currently running 10.9) so I can then upgrade my Adobe software. But, before I did that I double checked the system requirements for Esko Deskpak/studio/AE 12.1 and it lists Mac OS 10.9 as the latest operating software it is...
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    Question on setting Keys on offset press and running consistent color

    Hi, I am trying to help out a coworker and don't have much info on offset printing or what specific press is being used so bear with me. They are running a 60" wide offset press and have to adjust the color keys across the press manually. They are having problems with color consistency...
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    Pantone Solid Matte?

    I am getting some art files using PMS 100M, PMS 1505M, etc... I cannot seem to find a pantone color book in illustrator for Matte colors (assuming thats what the "M" means). Is this an old Pantone system?
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    Latest Version of Adobe Illustrator

    Is the latest version of Adobe Illustrator CC 2016? I tried looking it up and I couldn't find it.
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    Adobe Acrobat DC Crashes

    I downloaded Acrobat DC a while ago and it crashes every time I try to use it, anyone else have this problem? It will say open for about 10-15 seconds and then quit.
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    Does anyone use Quark anymore?

    Does anyone receive files in Quark anymore? I rarely ever do and when I do I convert them to .ai files because I can't stand working in the program. Just wondering if the program is pretty obsolete at this point?
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    Using Studio for Toolkit for labels

    Do you need a CAD drawing of the container that a label will be applied to in Studio Toolkit for Labels? And can you do a full wrap label in Toolkit for Labels?
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    Using Power layout and stepping multiple versions

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to step multiple one-up files using Power layout. For example, I have a job that has 15 different versions and all use the same stepping info. Is there a way to step all files at once without going into each individual .ai file? Right now I am opening each...
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    Where are Esko Smart Marks stored?

    Hi, I need help locating my Esko smart marks that are stored on the Esko server. Does anyone know how to find these files? I know I have been able to find them in the past but it was a long time ago and I cannot remember how. Thanks in advance!
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    Question about G7

    Hi, I have a question about G7 and gray balance. I am basically wondering about the gray balance squares made up of CMY and weather or not they are supposed to match the K-only gray swatch exactly. My boss here seems to think the CMY gray build should match the K-only gray builds exactly and...
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    Connect to Esko server from remote location?

    Does anyone know if it possible to connect to an Esko server from a remote location? I may need to work from home for a few months and would need to be able to connect to my Esko server to use the plug ins for illustrator and power layout to create my plate files. I am not an IT person but I am...
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    Major difference in Offset Vs Flexo Prepress

    I currently run the prepress department at a narrow web label and packaging company. I have been asked to go to a sister company to train their prepress department to recognize when art needs to be adjusted to print well. The problem is that all I know is flexo labels and packaging & our sister...
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    Adobe Photoshop help - Copy grayscale image into 4cp image

    Hi, I am in need of some help with a Photoshop problem. I am trying to paste a grayscale image into a 4cp image but I want the grayscale image to stay black only. When I paste it into the image it converts the grayscale to 4cp. Is there a way to copy it into the 4cp image and keep it black only...

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