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    Remembering 9/11

    The company I work for had staff at a trade show here in the UK on that day. Hurried phone calls were made to remove a lenticular flip card on our Stand which showed the towers bend as a plane flies over them. One day changed a product from funny to incredibly bad taste.
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    Can you explain this cartoon?

    God mocks him for the size of his nose
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    Herkules pro

    Not sure if this helps but I had a similar issue with not registering film a while back. On start up I could hear the motor run as the sensor was pulled across but it would the throw out an error as it couldn't find the film. Turns out it was a combination of 2 things, film is getting less...
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    Shrink Sleeve Question

    Hi, we print onto mugs by vacuum sublimation, which I would imagine has has similar size and position problems. When we have a new mug style I first print a 5mm grid which is numbered across the centre left to high and top to bottom. This is printed onto the carrier sheet and then formed onto...
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    I want to purchase Preps 5.x dongle

    We have 2 that we don't use, we check later if they are sellable
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    additional Pantone + colours not in Adobe apps

    Had similar issue recently, found that on Pantone site if I registered a Pantone product i.e. Swatch book then I was able to download Pantone Colour Manager for free. This is then used to build a new Swatch Library for the selected app which includes all the 2xxxx swatches. One issue it does not...
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    What are Film output options using least-expensive/older CTP devices? CTP Film?

    I investigated the same thing a year ago when somebody decided that our image setter was too expensive to run and could be replaced by inkjet printers, needless to say we still have the image setter. Our films are used for screen print and so far the only options in CTS have not been suitable as...
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    adobe cc 2014 update

    I have installed Adobe CC on 5 Macs 2of them run 10.7 the others are still on 10.6 because of other software, CC 2014 will not install on 10.6 and CC will not open files saved as CC 2014.
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    adobe cc 2014 update

    I am still using CC on all 5 of our machines and have been able to also install CC 2014 on 2 of them, wasn't bothered until I started getting files I could not open cause they were created in a newer version. Now I'm pissed because customers are all updating as it is free if CC already used but...
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    adobe cc 2014 update

    Finally got around to updating from CC to CC 2014 and found something not mentioned, CC 2014 will not install on Macs running older than 10.7 . Haven't found a solution yet but I feel like Apple and Adobe in partnership to force out usage of old software and hardware.
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    Business Jargon

    Usually followed by "We always seem to have this problem"
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    White ink on HP 4050 with Smartstream

    Thanks for the reply Edward it has given me some more things to check. I think the problem is in the print / rip setup as the spot white is arriving at press as a process colour. The search goes on. Thanks again.
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    White ink on HP 4050 with Smartstream

    I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem. At the moment I am printing 5 colour .jlt files to press created from Quark 6.5 using Yours Truly. I'm tying to upgrade this part of the process to Indesign CS6 using Smartstream 6.1 but have run into a problem. The 5th colour used is white as we...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hi I'm Andrew. I have been in print for almost 30 years now, working for a promotional products company in rural UK where we will print on just about anything if its cheap by just about an method except crayons. Great to be amongst people that know what bleed is and maybe have some suggestions...

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