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  1. Helmet_of_Poe

    Running Prinect on a Windows 7 box

    Hey, all. I have a prepress PC workstation that I need to upgrade, and Heidelberg's official line is that Prepress Manager and Signa will not be compatible with Windows 7 until an end-of-year update is available. Unofficially, they say that it may or may not work in Windows XP compatibility...
  2. Helmet_of_Poe

    X-rite ATD 28" for sale

    We have an X-rite ATD (Auto-Tracking Densitometer) 28" for sale. Model: ATS28-00-01 SN#003615 Includes the densitometer, vacuum pump, hoses and power cords. See more info regarding this unit here: X-Rite: Get exactly the color you need, every time, anywhere in the world. Thanks, Jim Gilbert...
  3. Helmet_of_Poe

    Trueflow's Flatworker - What sort of full automation does it have?

    Being a Heidelberg Signastation guy, and having never used TrueFlow or Flatworker, I'm curious what sort of full automation Trueflow's Flatworker offers. I've heard several people mention it's automated capabilities, so I'm be interested in some details. Thanks in advance.
  4. Helmet_of_Poe

    Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

    Greetings. I like the functionality of sites like with online proofs and form based quotes. Does anyone know what package they have? Who has the best all around package for web-to-print?
  5. Helmet_of_Poe

    Tips and Tricks - A tip for better looking Grayscale images

    Here's a cool trick to get (usually) better looking and printing grayscale images from CMYK or RGB images. This works best on darker images when you're concerned about losing detail in mids and shadows. It involves extracting the Lightness layer from a LAB color image, which is often a better...
  6. Helmet_of_Poe

    Should we stay with an HP proofer or switch to Epson?

    Hey all. We use a 42" HP 5000 for our color calibrated proofs and a 42" HP SpinJet 5500 for double-sided impo proofs. (This replaced a 42" HP SpinJet 1050c that's for sale, btw. 30066 ZIP code.) We're very happy with the SpinJet 5500 because it backs up reliably, and we could care less about...

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