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    Label Calculator

    Hi all, We have start label flexo printing in our printing house. We are new to this and need some advice if possible? Is there any type of calculator or spread sheet for calculation of the cost to produce the labels in different shapes, sizes, materials and so on. Thank you in advance for...
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    Digital Label Printing and converting systems

    Hi All, We are offset printing company but now we are looking to expand onto a Digital Label Printing and Converting. Our quantities are very small (5.000 - 30.000) so I am looking for you recommendation of which machine brands are the best for this type of work. Thank a lot in advance to all.
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    Xeikon 6000

    Hi all, We are litho printing company and now we are looking for digital press. I have an offer for used Xeikon 600 from year 2008. All opinions are much wellcomed for this press and other suggestion for digital printing machine. Thanks in advance,
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    Wide format for Litho Offset Printer

    Hi All, We are Litho Offset printer in Kosovo and we working mostly in larger quantities. Now days like everywhere else the quantities are going small. We are looking to buy a wide format digital printer to print B2 and B1 size poster in quantities like 10-50 poster, samples for offset, roll...
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    Urgently looking for Flexo UV operator

    Dear All, We are offset printing company in Kosovo. We have just installed UV flexo label printer and looking for operator with very good work condition and very nice salaries. Any interested person let send an email at: Thank you
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    Label printing: differance between Letterpres and flexo

    Hi All, I must buy a machine to produce labels but we are offset litho company and don't know much about technologies and I am confused. Can anyone let me know the difference between flexo and letterpress machines and which direction should I go? Thanks to all in advance,
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    LED UV on Roland 700

    Hi all, We are looking at LED UV system. We would like to install it on our Man Roland 700 press. Is this possible and any idea of the cost? Cheers
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    Issue with operator

    Hi All, I am have a dispute with the printing operators in our litho printing company. We have two 5 colors machine Roland 305 and 705. They are asking for 200 sheets for make ready and I think this is way to much. How many sheet is like average for make ready if you are about the print 1000...
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    Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST300 and TR300

    Hi All, We have recently bought a saddle stitch Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST300 and TR300 but we do not have a trained operator to use this machine. Do you know any operator who can give us a training on sight here in Kosovo? Thanks in advance to all,
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    Man Roland Sheet Fed Error 87 & 64

    Hi all, We have a problem with our sheet fed Man Roland 305 year 2003. The 3rd and 4th printing unit is giving an error 87 and 64. Has anybody had this problems? Thank you in advance
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    Carton Device on Man Roland 300

    Hi all, We have recently bought a Man Roland 305 year 2003. Even though machine has a carton device and is said it can print up to 0.06 thickness of board. We are not able to print 400 gsm board. We get some kind of scratches. Any idea what are we doing wrong? Thank you in advance!
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    How to use CIP3 for our Man Roland 300

    Hi all, We have recently bought a offset sheet fed Man Roland 300 here in Kosovo. The machine has a CIP3 system but our prepress/press departments do not know how to use it. Can some advice how the system works or advice where can we learn more. Thank you in advance,
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    Opinions from a Speed Master users for printing on thick board.

    Hi all, We are printing house in Kosovo and we would like to print on 350 to 400 gsm board and we are looking to buy a speed master (not CD version). How is your experience with SM on printing duplex board for boxes on 350 to 400 gsm? I thank you all for your opinions,
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    Difference between Speed Master and Pritmaster age 2000+

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a Print Master but I do not know what is a difference between Speed Master and Print Master age year 2005 and above? Any ideas welcome? Thanks in advance!
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    Information regarding Heidelberg - Quickmaster DI 46 YOM 1997

    Hi all, I am looking for opinions of different users of Heidelberg - Quickmaster DI 46-4. What do you think about it and do you recommend it? Thank you in advance,
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    FM Screes

    Hi all, We are unseeing a AM screens in our CTP to make plates. I have been told that if we use FM screens will get much better print quality with good contrast and fine details. Any idea how to start to use AM screes, like type of plates, calibration all ideas will be very helpful. Thank...
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    Spare part for Man Miller TP74

    Hi All, I am looking for the spare part for Man Millet TP74. The photos are attached. We are ready to buy it now. Thank you,
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    Densiotomete for CTP

    Hi, I am planing to buy a densiotometer for ctcp. Any suggestions and why? Thank you in advance,
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    Top Quality Printing - how is done?

    Hi All, I am printer in Kosovo. We have 6 color Roland Machine and CTcP CRON. We are one of the best printers in our country but still I am not satisfied with the print we do. I have a question to all: how are done those top quality printing fashion catalogs which have high contrast, very good...
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    Start up in Flexo Printing

    Hi all, I am offset printer and now due to huge demand I would like to enter on Flexo Printing. Any interesting company how are already in business are welcome for joint ventures. Consultant on how to start and other details are very welcome. Email. Thank you in...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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