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    VDP help

    Hi Random, Do you know of any resources for Printshop Mail? We're just getting into VDP but finding the scripting strange. We could use some sample scripts... for instance we have a job where there are 2 address fields and on 2 lines and if one is empty then we want it to skip to the next line...
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    Apogee X and xerox?

    I was wondering if anyone has hooked Apogee X up to a Xerox and if it's even possible for them to play together?
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    DCS plate file

    Re: DCS plate file Hey beermonster So far I don't have the urge to come on here as much as ppf for some reason or reason(s). However, I did post this thread and my problem was solved so I think the site has already helped me out. I resaved the dcs files as .psd's and reimported into quark...
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    A question of "high-end" scanning.

    Re: A question of "high-end" scanning. We still have an Agfa T-5000 scanner which at one point was running daily but now sits for days on end without use. We have to fire it up when we get some slide scans in but those are few and far between these days. For example, for one job that we do on a...
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    Acrobat color to gray

    Re: Acrobat color to gray It works in Acrobat 7 too... (I think David Watson mentioned this) you just go into - Tools - Print Production - convert colors - and choose which profile you want for cmyk rgb or spot (I chose the 2.2 gamma like David Watson said) check off the preserve black (All 100...
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    DCS plate file

    Re: DCS plate file Thanks beermonster.....I realize you're a former ppf' too. I always say, thank God for alcohol......without it, ugly women would'nt ever have the joy of childbirth.....and.....the printing industry would have a shortage or prepress workers....
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    DCS plate file

    Re: DCS plate file Thanks Don, yeah, we have to use a composite workflow to proof and color correct....
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    DCS plate file

    Re: DCS plate file yeah, thanks...... I seem to remember an old program on os9 called dcs merger that we never really used..maybe if we can locate the missing eps's we'll have to try the merge thing to make composite pdfs...
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    DCS plate file

    Anyone had this problem?: We had a job come in today, a repeat book from a file that was created in 1996. It's done in quark and when you check the links there they are, a whole bunch of .eps files...however, when you try and open them, this message comes up: "Could not open or parse a DSC...

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