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    Fleshtone break down

    Agree 100% I find an adjustment layer set to Luminosity mode is just as good, and without the extra conversion steps (and the associated quantization).
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    Convertion to CMYK thru Indd

    When you say it "looks better than the PS converted file", how are you judging that? In print, or on screen?
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    Looking for a Color Management Book

    I haven't read the others, but Real World Color Management is my bible. A very good investment.
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    Noobie Needs Help on Monitor Calibration

    You don't need a monitor calibration program, you need a calibration device. The Eye-One range are excellent, and the Spyder3 range are good too.
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    Illustrator keyboard shortcut

    Is it the Escape key? That's what it is in InDesign.
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    Total Area Coverage for Uncoated Papers

    Hi Dwayne, Well, you're asking about the length of a piece of string, in a way. But I would say you could go to 290-300. What did you use to base your profile on? 28% gain seems very specific, for example. And yes, your dark colours will get very muddy with heavy GCR - I like to keep it low...
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    Exporting PDF from Indd.

    I've never had a problem with making PDFs directly from InDesign, but I haven't dealt with "PDFs within PDFs" very much. I think it's certainly true that the postscript to Distiller route is a more reliable option when problems arise. However, it would be good to know more. What do you mean...
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    lpi & offset printing

    There's definitely not a "one size fits all" solution to choosing print res. I would say yes, you should be using much lower than 170 for coarser stock. And I don't think you should assume that higher is better, even on coated stock. There's a point of diminishing return, and everything...
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    Inconsistent CMYK workflow

    Yes, brown is almost as fickle as grey in that regard. But still, there's enough good presses and competent pressmen around that dbowe shouldn't have to settle for this rubbish from his current printer.
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    An Australian experience

    Nobody else? C'mon, I poured my heart and soul into these rants! I'm particularly interested in people's thoughts on Rant3. (And I'd hoped for some kudos for my clever blood type analogy in Rant1!)
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    Inconsistent CMYK workflow

    Then they're pulling your leg. If they can't safely print a brown, and are blaming a 2-colour black, they're dodgy. Look for a new printer.
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    Inconsistent CMYK workflow

    What's in the rich black? What CMYK values, I mean?
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    batch processing

    You can possibly do it with Photoshop as well. Try File > Scripts > Image Processor. Welcome to the forum, by the way!
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    An Australian experience

    Thanks Chiefy! You give me a great deal of hope. May I know the name of your firm? As I said, I'd love to change printers, but it's not my call.
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    An Australian experience

    Yeah, that's not my call, I'm afraid. I'd love it to be done locally. Thanks for chiming in!
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    An Australian experience

    So I'm arranging a job through this printing firm. I haven't dealt with this mob before. In reality, they're just the "front end" of a printing firm - the actual printing is done in China. Their material specs say the usual "all files must be supplied in CMYK only", without any mention of...
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    Printing grayscale images in CMYK?

    Well, grayscales look pretty weak if they're sitting on a page full of colour images - the dmax is visibly weaker. I always print 4-col monos where possible.
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    Separating Black screen from solid

    Hi error19, you haven't mentioned what kind of file it is. PDF? INDD? PSD?
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    Display Calibration

    Yes, I use it and I highly recommend it. Much better than the Spyder range, IMO.
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    Printing grayscale images in CMYK?

    4-colour mono photos are fantastic, if you do it safely. The trick is to set up a profile with 100K, and no more than 20 or 30 of CMY. Here's a thread where I explained it recently: RGB & CMYK - Canon Digital Photography Forums My audience were photographers, so I dumbed it down a fair bit...

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