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    Can it be done a lot simpler? What do you think?

    Hi, Many thanks for stopping by to view this post. I am trying to look at a NEW way, unfortunately on a budget of course, to re-plan how work is done in our pre-press department, we recently had a unfortunate accident with an old RIP computer which in turn has caused quite a lot of hassle. We...
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    Looking for a cheap or free RIP'ing software for an Epson Printer?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there has any idea's on what software to use on a Epson printer? I used a Roland VS-300 at the moment which comes with Versa Works and we have managed to get this to produce good quality prints that our customers seem to like. However, it seems that Epson do...
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    Outputting To Film Via Inkjet Printer Help!!

    Many thanks for having a look at my question, any advice would be gratefully appreciated. I am looking for a new way of outputting films due to the fact that it is getting harder to locate somewhere that can produce films at a competitive price, fast turnaround and also within an ideal...
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    Trapping Software, any advice?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there could spare some of there time and let us know what is a good Trapping Software out there? I have had nothing but nightmares dealing with Esko, i could not even get there free trial to work and then got forgotten about for 3 months which ontop of other...
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    Ideal PDF settings? Does anyone know?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone out there has any help in setting up PDF settings? Is there any websites of pages that can go through what you need to check in order to get what you want or what these options actually represent? I have looked through web pages saying set your distiller to...
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    Enfocus FullSwitch Help!!!!

    Hi all, I recently found out the company i work for purchased the Enfocus FullSwitch workflow system some time back, before i started working there, unfortunately no one knows how to work this program. I have looked on youtube and the Enfocus website however it seems that you need to have...
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    Still using manual trapping?

    Hi all, Many thanks for looking at my post firstly, i hope i can gather enough information to work out my problem. As the title says, i work in a pre press department that has to do trapping manually, not easy in today's world or print, basically i am looking for a solution to this and was...
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    ISO Standard Weights

    Hi all, We have been trying to achieve a finished print value that is similar if not as close to the standard ISO dot gain settings. We have just had a job with drop shadows which seems to be printing very heavy as well as leaving a ring/band instead of a nice smooth fade off, vignette...
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    Linearizing out plates and recalibrating?

    Hi all, i am new to this place so firstly, hello to you all, i am Phil and work in a place called SEM Envelopes Ltd in Derby England. It is a small to medium sized print shop employing around 50 people. The problem? Keeping the colours to an iso standard. We had recently switched to ISO...

What's In Your Warehouse

What's In Your Warehouse? Are You Sure?
In an average week you process what, 50 jobs?100? 150? 200? Let’s say about half of each job hits the mail or goes out to the customer. The rest goes to shelves in your warehouse so it’s ready when the client needs it. Juggling all this—and making money from it— requires Link to Article