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  1. david

    Seeking Beta site for inexpensive Ink Duct/Zone control system with Web Client

    We are looking for a printing company that would be interested in providing feedback about a new Ink Pre-Setting system that uses a web browser client to enable easy viewing of ink settings at the press. This is a very inexpensive and easy to use system. We are specifically looking for a company...
  2. david

    Profiling for print and paper

    When preparing proofs do you typically use one profile that includes both the printing standard and the paper coloring - or do you use two profiles one for the printing process and another one for the target paper? For example: Starting from an online web order point for printed materials and...
  3. david

    Wiki for solving quality print production file creation

    We are creating a Wikipedia site to try and compile resources and information to help users quickly find the solution to common problems creating print quality artwork and PDF files. There seems to be more questions than answers as it relates to communicating proper methods for creating good...
  4. david

    ICC Profiling Service

    Hello, Can anyone suggest a service where someone can print out a target sheet and send it off to be made into a profile? The main idea would be to profile a color printer to output close to the Gracol standard.
  5. david

    Bad RGB Conversion

    The attached file is a RGB design that when printed on the CPSI version Indigo gives very nice looking results, but when run through the Harlequin Rip the results are very washed out. Any ideas of a solution? David Lewis
  6. david

    Looking for Expert Metallic Printer in Midwest

    Hello, I have a rather urgent need to find a printer that has expert credentials working with metallic foils and color printing. We have a very high end project for producing and printing a cover design that incorporates metallics and color. This is a very good size print job. I appreciate any...
  7. david

    Best Midwest Metallic Printer Reference Request

    Hello, I have a really high end job that I need a reference to a printer in the midwest who can help us with all aspects of designing, preparing and printing with extensive use of the latest metallic technologies. We will need samples showing creative use of metallic based design and...
  8. david

    Short Run Book Printer Needed

    We are looking for a company that can offer fast turn around on short run books with high quality printing. The books will mostly consist of letter size portrait with printed hard bound cover. The ability to accept orders using an automated PrintTalk system is a plus. David Lewis
  9. david

    No Quotes from the US - (More on the Book Printer Thread)

    In following up from my previous thread about looking for a Book Printer. No one I contacted in the US has provided any pricing! The companies in Hong Kong responded quickly and completely with detailed pricing . Our customer wants to have this printed in the US - how do you get US companies...
  10. david

    Help with finding a book printer

    - Yes - I know this is not the right place, but I'm not sure where is. We have a customer of our business who buys a good stream of books. They have asked us about getting 24,000 hardcover books printed for a promotion they are doing. The books are typical portrait letter page...
  11. david

    Graphic Arts Monthly and the Blue Book Gone

    It is hard to imagine no more Blue Books, what are your thoughts about the end of these great publications? David Lewis
  12. david

    Esko .LEN format specification

    I am looking for information about the compression used in the Esko .LEN format for 1 bit files. We have the format specs for all of the header data, but it seems that the compression has changed since we last worked with it and we do not have any documentation about this compression change. I...
  13. david

    Help accessing 1 bit TIFF in TrueFlow SE vs 6

    I am working with an account running Trueflow SE vs 6. I would like to be able to setup a workflow queue that would generate screened one bit TIFF files to a designated folder. We want to configure our TIFF Pager software to generate high res internet zoomable proofs from these files. I plan to...
  14. david

    Windows 7

    So what are your experiences with it? How long did it take you to crash it? It only took me about 15 minutes, installed the latest version of the kaspersky anti virus and crashed it such that it had to go through two repair cycles and a system restore to finally boot again. David
  15. david

    TribalSketch and OnTimeProof to Merge

    We are pleased to announce that Lucid is now merging the two online projects into one great product! OnTimeProof is a time tested solution with a solid user base and great tools for user file upload, job ticketing, automated workflow integration, and of course online proofing with notes and...
  16. david

    TribalSketch Web2Print at GraphExpo

    Lucid Dream introduces TRIBALSKETCHâ„¢ Web2Print with Online Design, FlipProofâ„¢, and Online Estimating at Graph Expo 2008 Hoffman Estates, IL, October 21, 2008–Lucid Dream Software, Inc., a leading provider to the printing industry will be demonstrating TribalSketch in booth 5651 at Graph...
  17. david

    Send me your Transparency Nightmare files - Please

    Hello, Lucid Dream has developed a new workflow solution called TaskForce Lite [|] We have implemented support for native transparency trapping into this solution and have tested it with all of the transparency jobs we...
  18. david

    Buy it or Build It? - That is the Question

    Share your thoughts on this industry challenge! Do you Buy it or do you Build It? (Edited to comply with [Terms of Use|] ) Edited by: Eric Vessels on Aug 27, 2007 4:20 PM
  19. david

    Welcome to the Harlequin Forum!

    As we make the transition to the new PrintPlanet site I'd like to extend a welcome to visitors to the Harlequin forum. I am sure this forum will be a place of lively discussion and mutual help! We look forward to being an integral part! (Edited to comply with [Terms of...

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