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    Photo Books

    Does anyone know what is needed to get into this area. I have been bombarded lately with request to make this books similar to what people are getting online. My big question is there an affordable method for binding them with a hard cover? Looking at roughly 40 to 100 pages of 80# Gloss printed...
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    CTP for Small Press?

    First off, thank you to everyone who has a comment for this thread; I do appreciate any suggestions or idea. I have a small print shop and operate some antiquated presses (Chief 217, Chief 17 and Hamada 700CD). I am looking for a CTP machine that outputs metal plates for 1up presses. I am...
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    Kimosetter 410

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of puchasing (actually leasing) a computer to plate system. I have looked at Xanté and I am currently reviewing the Kimosetter 410. I would like to ask if anyone is using the Kimosetter. I have looked at the prices of the machines and the Kimosetter is...
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    Has Anyone Heard of Press Genie?

    I think this is the right forum for this - please let me know if I'm wrong. I was looking online for a a program that could help with my quotes (and would not cost and arm and a leg) and found a program that is listed for ninety nine bucks as a download (which is dirt cheap compared to some of...
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    HP 5000 with Paper Plates Any Recommendations?

    I am looking into purchasing an HP 5000 to produce paper plates for short run jobs. My problem is that I cannot find very much information about the machine other than spec sheets and boasting dealers. So I am asking if anyone on the forum has used the machine and what are your opinions of it? I...
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    Alternatives to Punisher I mean Publisher

    Does ANYONE know of an alternative to Publisher? I have a couple of people that think they are doing me an immense favor by doing their own work and bringing in the Publisher files which we go round and round about to get them to convert to PDFs that still might not work or tend to loose text...
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    Plate Maker Needed!

    I am looking for information and pros & cons on plate makers and or laser plates. Currently I have an Argyle Camera and an AGFA Plateburner. I am really interested in the CTP but due to a nice budget issue I am looking for a used one ha ha. So if anyone knows of one please contact me. Thanks...

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