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    Agfa SelectSet 7000 not imaging

    We have a selectset 7000 that has stopped imaging but otherwise seems to be working as normal. It acts like it is imaging but when we process the film in the developer nothing shows up. I have replaced the board that goes the imaging head ( the flat cable) and I have also replaced the laser and...
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    Agfa Selectset 7000 not booting up

    I have a select set 7000 that is not booting up. When I turn the power button on I can hear that there is power, the display stays blank and laser carriage does not move. I have replace all the boards with a spare that I have along with the display and the power switch. Does any one else have...
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    Agfa Selectset 7000

    I am having a problem with my Agfa Selectset 7000. It is a little hard to explain but here goes. One piece can come out looking fine but next one will expose any where from 1 to 12 inches but then will turn into lines. Clear line, dark line, clear line, dark line.etc. Sometime it expose the...
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    Converting PMS colors to cmyk

    I have encountered an issue and I hoping someone as an answer. I have a PDF file that is made out of 3 PMS colors that need to be converted to cmyk. I can convert them but the colors do not match that of the PANTONE Solid to Process guide. For example, the main color is PANTONE Process Blue...

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