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    Fuji Acuity expired ink override...

    Does anyone know how to override the chip in the ink bags that tell the printer the ink has expired? We have a decent volume of work, but sometimes not enough to finish off an ink before it expires. I also ask because lately we've been receiving inks with an expiration date that's only 4-6...
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    Stuck in the caldera transitions module...

    I use efi fiery XF at work, but swung by a friends business last night with my i1Publish kit to help him build a few profiles for his new setup. I forget the exact model number, but it was an HP laytex printer driven by Caldera VisualRIP. I fired up EasyMedia, and right out of the gate I got...
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    Foldable fabric for inkjets and eco solvent

    Can anyone recommend a great fabric for printing large images (36 or 48x96") that can be folded, traveled with in suitcases, and then displayed with little permanent creasing? Something that would also display sharp text and images, and have good color reproduction? Thanks. jesse

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