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    Press Tending and CTP Curve compensation

    I am tasked with establishing a common colour appearance for 5 presses. As each press is added we start with a G7 press run. This is establishes the presses starting point. We have CTP curves for each press. I'm very familiar with the G7 process and NPDC's. I am fortunate that we only have 2...
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    Colour Control for Brand Owners, Printers and Packaging Converters Recommendations

    Hello everyone, I am in the early stages of putting together a product summary / review of the software solutions available to the brand owners, a solution that allow them to measure, quantify, trend and control their brand colours. Looking for input on: What are the current solutions...
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    Canon iPF6450 vs Epson 7900 Comparison

    I recently wrote a comparison between the Canon iPf6450 and the Epson 7900 printers. They are both amazing devices capable of stunning picture quality. But I was more interested to see how the two printers compared when used in production day in day out. I'm considering writing more reviews, let...

What's In Your Warehouse

What's In Your Warehouse? Are You Sure?
In an average week you process what, 50 jobs?100? 150? 200? Let’s say about half of each job hits the mail or goes out to the customer. The rest goes to shelves in your warehouse so it’s ready when the client needs it. Juggling all this—and making money from it— requires Link to Article