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    PDF wont go into PREPS after page replacement

    Using Prinergy EVO 4.067 Preps 5.3.3 Had a job came as print ready .pdf rush project. 3 replacement pages came to a 48 pager. job originally worked fine. with the substitution pages added, job no longer would work in preps. exported postscript did not work either. placing all 48 pages in...
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    Best LOW VOC MRC??

    Hello! Our new State law is forcing us to a Low VOC Metering Roller Cleaner <100 g/l I'm noticing several of these new formulations are very high in acetone. one 90% acetone, has a health rating of 1 another 50% acetone has a health rating of 2 One that uses no acetone with a health rating of...
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    Quark 8 .PS and .PDF Geometry Not Set In Prinergy

    Quark 8 .PS and .PDF Geometry Not Set In Prinergy Ive noticed needing to set the Geometry on refined masters coming from Quark 8, Postscript AND .PDF, Not only does it need to be reset, but it needs to be re stripped as well through preps, instead of just re running the virtual proof. Anyone...
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    Prinergy EVO NOT imaging center marks on Tumble

    Hello, Our prinergy system for some reason, does not image center marks on work & tumbles, this is causing a lot of grief in the pressroom, Marks sho in press template and virtual proof but do not image, has anyone experienced and or resolved this problem? Prinergy Version is 4.062 Preps is...
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    Harmony Curves - Use Single or CMYK calibration

    Hello again! I've been given the task of figuring out harmony curves for our prinergy Workflow system. We are a busy commercial shop and currently output linear to almost all our plates. We do need to dial in for Uncoated though, because we are getting too much gain on uncoated (mostly...

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What's In Your Warehouse? Are You Sure?
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