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    Running Envelopes on a Ryobi 3302M, How?

    How many envelopes do you plan on running per day/week? Unless its a ton of them I would save your money. You can load a box at a time without a feeder. It only takes about 20 seconds to re-load.
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    Ryobi 3302 plate clamps

    We've never adjusted them ourselves, but the service techs always say that you can only get 1-2 adjustments out of them. Meanwhile ours have been adjusted 4 or five times each. Still original and the press is a 1999.
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    WTB - Count Numbering head

    This might be a stupid question, but cant you just send the head to Count for repair? I have had one of my heads repaired by them, and it wasn't too expensive. I know less than $200
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    Ryobi Press Technician?

    As far as I know Xpedx is no longer affiliated with Ryobi.
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    Xerox Docucolor Clicks

    Same here.
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    Konica c5501 - error c-6708 after moving

    A quick google search came up with these possibilities... 1. At power up the exposure lamp moves to the left to perform shading correction, but the lamp never lights. Failed exposure lamp or Inverter board. Replace Exposure Lamp (p/n A03U M301 01) or Inverter Board (p/n A03U M405 00) as...
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    Thermanent (synthetic paper) on Xerox 700

    Are you sure you have the digital version of that stock? They make it both ways.
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    Postal Software

    Honestly we do a lot of smaller mailings. The largest list I have sent for NCOA through Satori was around 60,000. Its took about 5 minutes to process.
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    Postal Software

    Not sure what package you got, but we use Satori and pay them extra for NCOA. It is immediate. Satori also does have a merge/purge add on.
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    Duplo DC-48TW Trimmer

    I know this post is kind of old and you have probably already figured this out but, we have a Standard/Horizon booklet maker. Not sure if the knife set up is the same but it sounds similar. I have had ours sharpened and they work fine. I see you are in Roch. Call Povenelli Grinding in Buffalo...
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    Xerox Self Service

    I recently called JJ Bender to sell them our 260 that came off lease and Xerox doesnt want back. They told me $1500. Funny to see what they can sell them for.
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    Mail Presort Software

    I use Satori Bull Mailer. Its is easy to use and pretty powerful. I'm not sure what you consider expensive, but I think we pay about $1500 per year. That includes Bi-monthly update DVDs. NCOA is an extra charge.
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    Kip 3000 wide format scan to file copier 32k sq. ft. like new

    Damn. We just got a new KIP 700. pretty sure it was a lot more than that.
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    UV Varnish adhesion over Konica Minolta digital prints

    We have the same problems with coating KM prints. We are using a coating specifically designed for KM and added an additional UV lamp to our Graphics Wizard machine (helped a little). Still get a very weak coat. Especially over black toner. Its frustrating to hear that other people have no problems.
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    Royce circulatory foaming issue.

    Try Nikken Mark IV fs. A little pricey but solved our foaming issues. If the filter is old it doesnt help. I have heard of silicone based additives but was warned that they may cause other problems.
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    Laser Safe Envelopes

    Try Western States Envelope. The design change did not affect our inserter. I'm surprised. What kind of inserter is it?
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    Duplo 5000

    When we were shopping between the two units the Salesman for Standard told us that the sensors on the Duplo were an issue. I thought it was BS at the time, but looks like there is some truth to that. I have only blown out the sensors on our Horizon once in 6 years. It is true that the 20A does...
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    Duplo 5000

    Its been a few years, but we demoed a system 5000 right before we got our 20A. I seem to remember speed was similar. Maybe they have changed. The Standard unit seemed more durable to me. Less plastic parts.
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    Need to Kiss Cut

    I think he wanted a "kiss" cut. Not to actually cut them correct?

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