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    Printer's Plan

    Another one you might try out is Morning Flight. I'm using it myself and my shop is similar in size to yours. Hal's website is he has a full working demo on there, its free as long as you want, but it is limited to something like three customers. Personally I run the Gold...
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    Illustrator Question

    Couple of options: Check to make sure your digital printer is at 300 dpi on is print resolution. If it is higher say 600 or 1200 this will play a factor as it may over ride your settings from illustrator. You can ask your sales rep, but they sold you the world so their printer is the biggest...
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    Canon 7000 vs HP indigo 7000

    Depending upon what your short run stuff is, I might recommend contacting Miller's Lab in Pittsburg, KS and Columbia, MO. I know they have a few Indigo's at the Pitt Plant, however I do not know what model they are currently running. Miller's runs primarily photos and photo cards, etc. They do...
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    what is the best workflow for printing press ?

    Look up Morning Flight by PrintFire, they have a 100% free trial. I am not a sales rep but I do use the software. Just be aware that ALL software of this type have a very steep learning curve. Morning flight is not that bad, but it is still pretty steep. Good luck, please post back with your...
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    InDesign or Illustrator

    I am assuming that you are not printing them yourself. From an old prepress position, in my old department we would have preferred you send them individually. Just make sure if they request this that your name correlate (i.e. front1.pdf, back1.pdf.) Our reasoning was based on our imposition...
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    Estimating Software

    Look at Morning Flight Look at Morning Flight Look into Morning Flight by PrintFire. Its a solid program, and realllly hard to beat for the price. I have had several questions and have been directly answered by the guy that came up with the program. From my experience this is a program made...
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    Printing on Bubble Envelop

    Just a guess, but print flat then convert? Jobs like this I usually farm out to a converter keeps my cost low and keeps them in business. If you would like info on my converter pm me.
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    starting small print shop. need advice

    Side note on the family deal: You will find that you'll need their help, either financially or physically, so keep them close and make time for them too. Get some references for your copier company, make sure they are dependable and can get their fast for fixes. A final note and I'm done, try to...
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    starting small print shop. need advice

    Yes, seriously think your purchases through! I was in your shoes a few short years ago (2007). Almost same deal, except I purchased an offset shop that was in decline as the owner was looking to retire and shut the doors. (1) Make sure the used equipment is not going to cost you more than what...
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    Help in Konica Minolta Bizhub C6501

    Most machines like that come with a contract from a dealer for maintenance, toner, etc. If you've purchased the machine without the contract and without having any knowledge of the machine, I would (very) quickly find a dealer and get a contract on the machine before something major goes out on...
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    InDesign - Convert type to outlines - Underlines/Strike-Though Disappears?

    RE: Indesign to AI Issues RE: Indesign to AI Issues I may have missed it reading the post but what version of Indesign is your customer working with? Another option to fix the issue from a prepress side is to charge for having to convert it. That might give them the extra umphff to do it the...
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    mad questions?

    Honestly if your only doing line work and absolutely no screens, you would probably be fine. That being said, it also depends on your design program and how the printer is going to be setup. I have a very small print shop and I have been using a non-postscript copy machine/printer to print...
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    Do you know WHAT FONT this is, what is the name of this font HELP!!

    My money is on a freebie font that comes with really cheap publishing software. Best thing to do is ask the customer where they got it from and follow the trail. Probably going to be a semi custom font made with some kind of word art or something similar. If you have a graphic design it would...
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    Help me choose: Printer + CIS + White ink + Transparency

    First question: are you getting into the business of selling these cards or is this a one time run that will occasionally be ran again? If it is the occasional run I would recommend finding a printer or jobber that knows what they are doing and have the proper setup and going that route. If...
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    Anyone any in depth info on Adobe Lean-print?

    Seems like they are just trying to cash in on something that has been around for ages...
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    ab dick super aquamatics

    Bill, Do you have install instructions for the Kompac on the 360? I bought one from a used parts dealer, and the instructions they included are Krap (haha). I called a Kompac dealer and of course they want $200 for the instructions... thats what I gave for the Kompac itself. So if you could...
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    some parts of Image area not accepting ink

    Check your fountain. Had a bad spot on roller once and it caused similar problem. Also could happen if fountain rollers are dirty. I agree with Ajax, it would help to know if this is a new plate or an old one. If its old the plate is bad. If its new and its not the dampening system, it could be...
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    Kompac issues

    *Probably should say that is 7 parts water to 1 part solution. D
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    Kompac issues

    I have a Kompac on my old Chief 217 and an AB Dick 360, have you tested your PH levels? I use Van Son 2020 and mix it 7 to 1 with distilled water, works fine. I have tried Mega and it didn't mix well for me. I agree we need more information, like the type and age of the plates, age of rollers...
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    digital watermarking

    We use a proof sheet that has proof watermarked on the item(s) and a legal sounding disclaimer at the bottom stating that we own all artwork until it has been purchased by the customer. Basically it is a mini contract with the customer and lets them know that we expect the business if we do the...

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