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  1. Criminy

    Will Fiery XF Version 6 Work With a Summa S2 Class 160T Vinyl Cutter?

    We just got a gorgeous Summa S2 Class 160T Vinyl Cutter for our shop, BUT the question is can we get our new Fiery XF Version 6 workflow to control it? Anyone using this combo? Any guidance is appreciated!
  2. Criminy

    Pandora Fails To Honor Layering Upon Saving

    When saving my Pandora imposition file, the layering of nested files changes by itself. In other words, glue flaps on items suddenly will print over the art on nearby items. The odd thing is that the program will allow me to send items to back or bring them to front, but they become undone upon...
  3. Criminy

    Plate Curve Smart Mark In Rampage?

    I'd like to add a smart mark to my plates. I want it to indicate which specific curve has been applied to the plate upon output (e.g. Linear, SBS Stock, CCLB Stock, Uncoated Stock, etc.) Any ideas how this can be accomplished? Also, if this can be done, is there any way to specify where I would...
  4. Criminy

    Cannot Double Click To Open CS5 InDesign Files!

    Okay, so here's my dilemma: I cannot open an InDesign CS5 file over the network on my new iMac. Some ID CS5 files open fine but others give me this message: "You may not have permission or the document may be open already." What the??? :confused: I've tried various ways to open these problem...
  5. Criminy

    Upgrades All Around...

    I've learned that in order to use Adobe CS5, you've got to have a Multicore Intel Processor-equipped Mac with OS X v 10.5.7 or 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and a minimum of 1 GB RAM, etc. (We're a Mac-only shop) So... We're upgrading to newer Macs and are considering upgrades to our file servers and...
  6. Criminy

    Best Quark Preflight Software?

    Aside from Markzware's FlightCheck, that is... My boss is asking for comparable (read: cheaper) software. We've got 5 seats. Ideas anyone? Recommendations?
  7. Criminy

    Flightcheck 4 to 6 Upgrade Possible?

    I went to the Flightcheck site, but could not find out whether or not I could upgrade my Flightcheck version 4 to version 6. Anyone know if this is possible? Any issues encountered? Thanks!
  8. Criminy

    Guidelines for Creating Good Halftone Images?

    Are there any short and sweet guidelines for me to share with my clients regarding the creation or manipulation of halftone images? What will render well and what won't? For instance, I've always heard it's good to keep your highlights no lower than 3-4% and your shadows no darker than 94%. Of...
  9. Criminy

    Any Way to EASILY Obtain Software Serial Numbers?

    My supervisor wants me to compile a list of serial numbers for every version of every software program on every machine in my department. A tedious but necessary task. Is there a simple way to obtain this information? I've been able to see the S/N for InDesign CS while the program is opening...
  10. Criminy

    Adobe InDesign CS3 Crashing Upon Startup

    The title says it all! I've uninstalled software and removed shared components Reinstalled software (no change) Software updates performed Fonts moved out of system folder Trashed preferences Repaired disk permissions (Mac) Deactivated software Reinstalled software (no change) Even worse...
  11. Criminy

    Pitstop User Selection Ignored!

    Hey all, I have been running comparison testing between Neo and Pitstop. So far, Pitstop is becoming my PDF modification application of choice. It's robust and intuitive, but I have encountered a curious problem when trying to isolate elements to change their color. I select an item, and go...

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