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  1. david

    can a len file be converted to a pdf

    I am 'luciddavid" on skype
  2. david

    can a len file be converted to a pdf

    Here are some screen shots;
  3. david

    can a len file be converted to a pdf

    Would like to update this thread because we have moved this conversion to our " LEN2TIFF " application. It handles these conversions with all needed parameters in a very fast way. It can also be integrated into workflows using the Command Line Interface: LEN to TIFF Converter v
  4. david

    Workflow suggestions

    Inexpensive Workflow Option Inexpensive Workflow Option You can put together a pretty extensive workflow using either a harlequin rip or our TaskForce Rip with I-Trap and the various output plugins. I-Tone with regular and hybrid screening, I-Pdfx trapped PDF for production or proofing, I-Zoom...
  5. david

    Seeking Beta site for inexpensive Ink Duct/Zone control system with Web Client

    We are looking for a printing company that would be interested in providing feedback about a new Ink Pre-Setting system that uses a web browser client to enable easy viewing of ink settings at the press. This is a very inexpensive and easy to use system. We are specifically looking for a company...
  6. david

    Profiling for print and paper

    When preparing proofs do you typically use one profile that includes both the printing standard and the paper coloring - or do you use two profiles one for the printing process and another one for the target paper? For example: Starting from an online web order point for printed materials and...
  7. david

    Looking for low cost CTP

    Have you looked at the KimoSetter?
  8. david

    Wiki for solving quality print production file creation

    We are creating a Wikipedia site to try and compile resources and information to help users quickly find the solution to common problems creating print quality artwork and PDF files. There seems to be more questions than answers as it relates to communicating proper methods for creating good...
  9. david

    Converting Microsoft files to PDF

    ArtAffirm at GraphExpo ArtAffirm at GraphExpo We will be showing a new product at GraphExpo called ArtAffirm in booth 973. This tool integrates into your website and provides a simple browser based tool where your customers can upload their artwork in most print formats, PDF, EPS, PS, and most...
  10. david

    Graph Expo 2011

    See Lucid in booth 973 See Lucid in booth 973 We will be previewing our newest product " ArtAffirm" in booth 973. The first tool of its kind to brigde the gap between online print ordering and uploading user files. ArtAffrim provides a simple browser tool that checks and affirms that user...
  11. david

    Ripped pdf from Delta 7.0??

    PDFx file from Delta PDFx file from Delta Lucid Dream does have a solution for this. Software Solutions by Lucid Dream Software, Inc || PDFxMaker David Lewis
  12. david

    can a len file be converted to a pdf

    Yes a LEN can be converted to PDF with TIFF Pager Yes a LEN can be converted to PDF with TIFF Pager TIFFPager The Everything Tool for all Flavors of TIFF files! TIFF Pager can convert LEN format to PDF at full quality with spot colors. In addition it can also convert them to online zoomable...
  13. david

    hi-res PDF

    Dot PDF Dot PDF Do you have the ability to export the 1bit TIFF files from your Rampage? If so then you can use our TIFF Pager application to convert these files into usable PDF with full quality and full spot color support: TIFFPager The Everything Tool for all Flavors of TIFF files!
  14. david

    ICC Profiling Service

    Profiling Follow up Profiling Follow up Thanks for the responses, they bring up some additional points and questions. The client has a Canon Pro 9000 printer which uses the 7 inks that include the photo versions of cyan, mag, etc. They have been printing on a highly glossy paper using the...
  15. david

    ICC Profiling Service

    Hello, Can anyone suggest a service where someone can print out a target sheet and send it off to be made into a profile? The main idea would be to profile a color printer to output close to the Gracol standard.
  16. david

    Esko .LEN format specification

    TIFF Pager is what you need TIFF Pager is what you need TIFFPager The Everything Tool for all Flavors of TIFF files! This software does what you want I think.
  17. david

    Photoreactive Inks

    Thermo reactive inks Thermo reactive inks Hello, I too am interested in this for a project we have going. I spoke with the folks at CTI and it seems that if you want to use the thermo black to coat with - then it needs to be screen printed. Does anyone have any direct experience working...
  18. david

    Bad RGB Conversion

    The attached file is a RGB design that when printed on the CPSI version Indigo gives very nice looking results, but when run through the Harlequin Rip the results are very washed out. Any ideas of a solution? David Lewis
  19. david

    finding if a page has bleed with pitstop

    What kind of routing do you have? What kind of routing do you have? Since you are using P Server - do you have any way of routing jobs based on the specific product ticket into specific queues in Pitstop for exact checking of the incoming job to specific rules and actions for the exact product?
  20. david

    Looking for Expert Metallic Printer in Midwest

    Hello, I have a rather urgent need to find a printer that has expert credentials working with metallic foils and color printing. We have a very high end project for producing and printing a cover design that incorporates metallics and color. This is a very good size print job. I appreciate any...

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