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    Amberlith/Rubylith in Plateroom

    Hi All, I was wondering how many of you have Amber/Ruby lighting in your platerooms? We haven't used them but now just switched over. We are using Anocoil plates that still need to be processed. How needed is UV cutting light in the plateroom? Thanks!
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    Moire pattern on final product

    Hi All, I've encountered a problem with a Moire pattern showing up on a product. It's a comic book that was designed using half-tone dots throughout the publication. It's a compilation of designers so only a specific artist's section turned into an obvious almost checkerboard moire pattern...
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    EFI Fiery XF Version 4 - Error - Job writing was not finished correctly

    Hi All, I'm having problems sending my Imposed files through the EFI RIP to our Epson 9900. All of the sudden(right around the time version 6 came out....), EFI Fiery has only been able to process one form at a time. So I'm having to wait til one is already printing to send the next file...
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    After Refining PDF in Prinergy file goes from 90mb to 900mb - Why???

    I've had this happen a couple times where a customer sends in a fairly small file, however after it goes through the Refine process(Trapping, Color Matching, Optimizing, etc) it adds a TON of size. While I know that this process is adding info to the file, why is it adding so much? I'm having...
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    Prepress Seminars/Conventions/Expos: What's worth my time?

    Hi All, I'm new to prepress and the printing industry in general. I have a working knowledge of what's going on but am always interested in finding avenues to learn more. What are your thoughts and/or experiences on specific printing seminars/conventions/expos? Are there certain ones that are...
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    Small Webpress company needs a system upgrade. Workflow, Impo, RIP - Everything!

    We are currently looking to uprade our systems and bring in some automation to our workflow. We run primarily magazines/newspapers, with some flatwork(maps), digests, brochures. Most of these are inbetween 16-72 pages with a few exceptions of large 180 page jobs. We are on the smaller side...

What's In Your Warehouse

What's In Your Warehouse? Are You Sure?
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