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  1. bbertolani

    Reuse flexo plates

    Hello folks, For many years I worked in flexo industry, one of the problem that I used to have was use same plates for different jobs (like keep CMY and only change K and Pantone) more than this is reference this plates in MIS for future. I would like to understand how the others company deals...
  2. bbertolani

    PDFToolbox Alternatives

    Hello folks, Somebody has a alternative to Callas PDF Toolbox?
  3. bbertolani

    Printing Industry Future

    Hello guys, I'm working in printing industry for the last 12 years, since 2009 I moved to IT with focus in Prepress. Once a year, I review my career and decide what courses or technology I would like to learn in the next year, so this last review I realized that I'm more IT than Prepress, that...
  4. bbertolani

    Package System Error 5

    Somebody know how fix this error? I tryed this and this ​​​​​​​
  5. bbertolani

    Pros and Cons Automation Engine

    Hi, after the last meeting at my company one of the directors ask me what are the pros and cons after a while using Automation Engine because we spend too much money to bought, just for you understand my company is located in Brazil and the 1 dollar is 3.5 real and we have a lot of taxes. What...
  6. bbertolani

    Automatic Step and Repeat - Automation Engine

    There is a way to step and repeat 2 or more products without I have to set a lot of grid inside step and repeat ticket? For example my die cut have 4 step across and 10 step around but I run 2 product on this die cut. The 2 step across of top is a product and the 2 step across of bottom is...
  7. bbertolani

    AE14 Questions

    HI guys! Somebody are using Product in Automation Engine? There is one way to filter product by ink or process? How you migrate you system to AE? Was fast or gradual? ps: sorry my poor english!

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