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    HP 2500cp for sale best offer

    HP DesignJet 2500cp for sale with HP network/lan adapter. Best offer 585-424-6740
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    Cold Ink problems???

    Has anyone ever had problems running ink that was somewhat cold in temperature? The owner of our company has been turning the heat off at night and since it has gotten cold here in the NE we have been having some strange ink/water balance problems. Especially in the morning hours. The temp in...
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    Lay flat saddle stitched books

    Does anyone know who makes the device that you put saddle stitched books into after they are assembled that somehow makes them lay perfectly flat? I was at a demo for a Duplo bookletmeker a few years ago and was shown this device. I thought it was made by Duplo but there is nothing about it on...
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    Horizon SPF 20 Service Screen?

    Does anyone know how to get into the service screen on a Horizon SPF20 Booklet maker? The default postions seem to be a little off and I would like to adjust instead of tweaking every job slightly. Thanks.
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    off line UV coater and powder

    Just ordered an offline UV coater and after the order was placed the Sales rep told us that if you run the pieces on a press and use powder (which is a must!) you have to make sure you get all the powder off the pieces. He recommended a jogger. I have one but is a piece of crap office max style...
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    While printing 4 color, cant get targets to line up ever!

    We have a Ryobi 3304Ha and a Platestream xc poly plate setter. We have never truly been able to get all four corners of targets to line up. (Its better on smaller sheet sizes and worse on the max sheet size) I know that poly plates stretch a little but this seems extreme. Could it be blanket...
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    problem with light screens on platestream

    Hello, At our shop we have a plate stream xc polyester plate setter. Since day one we have had a problem with light screens under 5%. they appear to be on the plate but one side looks slightly lighter. When you put the plate on press (Ryobi 3304ha) the screen on the light side all but...

What's In Your Warehouse

What's In Your Warehouse? Are You Sure?
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