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  1. MailGuru

    Mail & Print are NOT dead - Catalogs Coming Back

    A Story today put out by the Associated Press indicates that catalog mailings are coming back in style. Even millennials like catalog mail over digital alternatives. Read the story here:
  2. MailGuru

    Quick Question - Click Charge

    We're running a Xerox Versant 2100. It is a special application that is way too complicated to get in to, but, here's the question: I know that a blank page does not generate a click charge. If I were to print something in white, so that it is not visible, and, appears as a blank page (CMYK =...
  3. MailGuru

    What does it say?

    For those of you in the States that print and mail using the Postal Service: I just received a a "Save The Date" Post Card from the USPS about an up-coming PCC (Postal Customer's Council) event in September. The post card was 9 x 12 (Flat Size) 4-color, complete with a Presorted First Class...
  4. MailGuru

    Digital Production Graphic Artist - Orlando, FL area

    Experience with InDesign and XMPie server a plus. 8-5 Mon - Fri - Full Time Private Message me if interested.
  5. MailGuru

    Bindery Help - Orlando, FL area

    General Bindery Help Needed. Run guillotine, tabber, Kirk Rudy ink jet, MBO Folder, Bell & Howell Inserter. Orlando, Florida Area Interested people private message me. Thanks, -Mailguru
  6. MailGuru

    New NFL Tackling Rule

    In order for the ball carrier to be considered "down", BOTH flags must be pulled from the runner's belt simultaneously.
  7. MailGuru

    Politically Correct Packaging

    Ok, now they've done it! Yes, boys and girls, the Animal Crackers cookies that we've all grown up with is no longer the same. PETA made them let the animals out of their cages! Don't you think being "Politically Correct" has gone just a tad bit too far...
  8. MailGuru

    May sound strange, but.....

    I'm looking for an old PC that is still running Windows 98 or Windows 2000. I've got an old ink jet with embedded firmware that won't run on a computer with an operating system higher than Windows 2000. Speed or disk storage is not important.
  9. MailGuru

    Paper - Let's Solve This Together

    Over the last couple of months, our paper prices have increased, on average, about 12% across the board (some higher, some lower). That may not sound like a lot, but, to shops that have their business (and prices) secured via annual contract with their customers, it is very ominous. You see, we...
  10. MailGuru

    No Respect

    Those of you who know me, know that I am an FSU fan. That's because my daughter went to Florida State. I am also a University of Central Florida fan, well, because it's our hometown college here in Orlando, as well as my other daughter went to UCF. There are 130 FBS college football programs...
  11. MailGuru

    A Teaching Moment

    When putting together a mailing project, you MUST check every single component of the project. What does the outer envelope look like? Is it a window envelope? Does the address block of the main insert line up in the window? Does the piece have a business reply form or card for the recipient to...
  12. MailGuru

    Discussion - Harvey - What is your plan?

    Wasn't sure where to post this, so, I'm putting it in the Lounge. In wake of the massive destruction in the SE Texas & Louisiana areas, along with my sincere sympathy and condolences for the loss of life and property, I couldn't help but think about how many print related businesses may have...
  13. MailGuru

    And Another One Bites The Dust...............

    Another large local print operation that has been around for years..............gone. I'm telling ya'. It's gettin' rough out there...................
  14. MailGuru

    USPS "Informed Delivery" - Discussion

    No doubt those of you in the States who are in the mailing business have heard of the new "Informed Delivery" initiative currently being rolled out by the USPS. For those of you who haven't, here's a brief synopsis: Basically, it is a free service available to all USPS residential customers...
  15. MailGuru

    Only In America..........

    Only in America would you find a 25 year old, who changed her first name to "Reality" so that her full name would be "Reality Winner" and land a job as a Federal Contractor working with highly classified information for the National Security Administration................ Wouldn't it have been...
  16. MailGuru

    In Moderation

    Is it just me, or, does there seem to be an increase in spamming on this forum? I'm not that well-versed in forum operations, but, if it works like my blog site (done in word press), all comments are held in a "holding area" and are not published until I take a look at them (moderation). At...
  17. MailGuru

    It's gonna be a GREAT weekend!

    Well, fellow members, tonight, many will be celebrating "Cinco De Mayo" quickly followed by tomorrow morning's "National Hug The Toilet Bowl" day. Ah, but, later in the afternoon, you'll need a little "hair of the dog" so, it's mint julips and the Kentucky Derby. Guys and...
  18. MailGuru

    National Beer Day

    As we come to a close on another week, and, celebrate Friday after work, I think it is worth noting (at least, for those of us here in the States), that today is National Beer Day. Not to be confused with every other reason to drink beer (Friday, the weekend, St Patrick's day, Labor Day, Fourth...
  19. MailGuru

    Everybody Wearing Green?

    Or, at least printing the Pantone Color Of The Year 2017 (Greenery # 15-0343)? Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!!! :)
  20. MailGuru

    Dang That Spell-Check!!!!!!

    A simple typo in a command line took down the Eastern hub of Amazon Web Services on Tuesday affecting 150,000 web sites. "Hit that key.............NO, NOT THAT ONE!!!!!! :)

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