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    Event Ticket printer

    Hello all. I'm in need of your help. When I'm not working for Global Imaging, I run a beer festival. Craft Lager Festival, Manitou Springs Premier Beer and Music Event, August 2009: Microbrews, Food, and Fun! I'm looking for a ticket printing solution that would idealy have some security...
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    Kip KC80- Color WF- toner based

    Hello all. I thought I'd post here to guage your thoughts on the new toner based Kip wide format. It seems impressive to a lowly rep such as myself, but you use them so you tell me. It's 5 D's per minute 4 color process using toner & can handle at least 40 substraits that are 36" x 7'. Its...
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    Z6100 for $2.10/sq foot

    Hello all... I decided a new thread was a better option then hijacking an old one. I was currios as to what the community would think of a equipment vendor offering a Z3100 or Z6100 60" plotter w/ a service, supplies, parts, labor, media contract that included the aquisition of equipment...

What's In Your Warehouse

What's In Your Warehouse? Are You Sure?
In an average week you process what, 50 jobs?100? 150? 200? Let’s say about half of each job hits the mail or goes out to the customer. The rest goes to shelves in your warehouse so it’s ready when the client needs it. Juggling all this—and making money from it— requires Link to Article