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    Output profile

    Does anyone know how to convert ICC profile in CMYK or RGB to output profile? I tried to make ICC profile using Profilemaker but when I import it it goes to CMYK or RGB, but not to Output profile where I can use it... any ideas? Thanks.
  2. J

    Canon 7000VP deformed output

    Has anyone encountered an output from Canon machine where the paper loaded is perfectly flat and the output is someone deformed with wavy pattern?
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    Is this forum compatible with Tapatalk?
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    duplex nesting

    is there any software to simplify my process of putting several duplex flyers in 1 big A3 sheet? duplex because back to back, but i want 1 part of A3 to have 10x12 back to back, and another part to have 8x12 back to back so i avoid wasting the other part of the print...
  5. J

    Nested images in duplex

    Does anyone know of software who can arrange several images in 1 A3 and let each image have proper back page?

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