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    PDF wont go into PREPS after page replacement

    Using Prinergy EVO 4.067 Preps 5.3.3 Had a job came as print ready .pdf rush project. 3 replacement pages came to a 48 pager. job originally worked fine. with the substitution pages added, job no longer would work in preps. exported postscript did not work either. placing all 48 pages in...
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    checklist for a perfect PDF for printing

    Disagree! (wholeheartedly!) Disagree! (wholeheartedly!) Your client/customer has worked hard to give you a document with the color just the way THEY like it. Yes, If im doing a 25.5 x11" piece Id rather have 2 spreads than 6 letter size pages. Re: color, having used these systems since...
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    checklist for a perfect PDF for printing

    Ugh - So Unnecessary! Ugh - So Unnecessary! From Quark or indesign or Illustrator - and GENERAL web/offset conditions SWOP CMYK etc- Select "Press Quality" Select 0.125" Bleeds - IF your document has bleeds. Select "Spreads" IF your document spans multiple pages- Use Rich Blacks in areas...
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    Can someone explain DPI?

    Also Also Printers like dye sub use a thermal head so 256 diff tempratures result in the "Screen" of the color - screen is kinda diff w dye sub. but the person above me got it 1st, it varies the dot size. But, as soon as you are "tinting", the imager is laying down droplets of ink in smalle...
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    Pantone metallic drop shadow won't print!

    Why not just do it all in the image? Why not just do it all in the image? Why not just import the whole thing with the spot color drop shadow built into the image. instead of bringing it in and shadowing it in indesign? Anyway, are you SURE your final file has the spot color separate? I.E...
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    Best LOW VOC MRC??

    Hello! Our new State law is forcing us to a Low VOC Metering Roller Cleaner <100 g/l I'm noticing several of these new formulations are very high in acetone. one 90% acetone, has a health rating of 1 another 50% acetone has a health rating of 2 One that uses no acetone with a health rating of...
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    Screen Angles: Why are they 15, 45, 75 and 90?

    You can also Eliminate the Moire Completley You can also Eliminate the Moire Completley Had a Cust that could not STAND to see Moire EVEN on the light table stripping up negs SO we had to run their yellow plates at 105 degrees relative to the rest. Making 30 degrees of separation all around...
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    Can someone explain DPI?

    Its Important to know for an offset plate, coming from a digital imager such as a platesetter or film imagesetter, that 1200 DPI resolution is Insufficient for Line Screen Frequency over 120 LPI and may also show jaggies in very fine type details as well, that may take a trained eye to see...
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    Quark 8 .PS and .PDF Geometry Not Set In Prinergy

    Quark 8 .PS and .PDF Geometry Not Set In Prinergy Ive noticed needing to set the Geometry on refined masters coming from Quark 8, Postscript AND .PDF, Not only does it need to be reset, but it needs to be re stripped as well through preps, instead of just re running the virtual proof. Anyone...
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    Prinergy EVO NOT imaging center marks on Tumble

    Sending to JDF as press sheet size, yes thank you!
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    Prinergy EVO NOT imaging center marks on Tumble

    Hello, Our prinergy system for some reason, does not image center marks on work & tumbles, this is causing a lot of grief in the pressroom, Marks sho in press template and virtual proof but do not image, has anyone experienced and or resolved this problem? Prinergy Version is 4.062 Preps is...
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    What is everyone using for imposition proofs

    We use... We use... Matchprint branded epson 9800 with guide and cut sheets w Prinergy Evo 4.065 42x32" cut sheets 26 lb, back up is usually within 1/16".
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    illustrator file problem

    Aye! use separated postscript! Aye! use separated postscript! If necessary, place the .eps into another layout program such as quark or indesign and generate separated postscript. As the .pdf is composite, the only way you can get the traps to work is to output separated postscript. I used to...
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    Indesign CS4 to CS3

    I had a problem of exporting cs3 to cs2, many text boxes in a layout came up in cs2 with a 1 point black rule on them.
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    Pitstop or Flightcheck?

    It has it NOW, for a long time it didnt... still don't trust it. it was marketd as the be all end all tool, maybe it's better now, I refuse to use it.
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    Pitstop or Flightcheck?

    One thing Flightcheck ALWAYS missed, was when someone set some "Undesireable" options when saving .eps files from photoshop, like "Include halftone screen", This is not much of a bother anymore, but before workflow, this kind of thing could really ruin your day, Big moire's in your photos, I...
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    Proofing of offset on KM bizhub pro

    "digital devices (particularly the KM 6501) are absolutely capable of producing consistent prints that are indistinguishable from prints generated from a 4 colour offset process." Perhaps so, but, Heavy Solids, and photos, may be close color-wise, but "indistinguishable" is a bold statement...
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    Proofing of offset on KM bizhub pro

    Still though... Still though... Sure it CAN, be used as a color proof, I used to run thermal wax CalComps and Dye Sublimation 3m Rainbows, in addition to doing over 15 years of analog proofing using Color Key, and 3m Matchprint, and Kodak Approval, Waterproof, Agfaproofs, etc. Be Honest, NO...
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    Proofing of offset on KM bizhub pro

    Sorry to object, BUT.... Sorry to object, BUT.... Toner on paper is not going to be anything more than a "pleasing" color match for "MATCH" color, you should go with an epson stylus inkjet proofer toner will never match the properties of ink, one lays down wet, one lays down dry completeley...
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    New Product for Ink Optimization

    Does this "gamut increase" without press profiling and without changing the screening mean that, a reprinted job would "have more pop" over the previous run, all other things being equal. I.E paper, density, plates etc, it seems to me that this is being - mis marketed, can anyone say what ink...

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