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    Man ROLAND 202EOB errors

    Dear friends, On our ROLAND 202EOB year 2001 we have this errors today...any help will be appreciated.... Amateur technician made a mistake and change Computer battery when machine has been off. Now everything must be uploaded to computer again.. any help will be appreciated.... Errors: 1...
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    FUJI - Acuity Advance HD2565X2 (OCE - ARIZONA 360XT) like new

    for sale is like new flatbed/roll to roll printer, first installed in year 2012 : FUJI - Acuity Advance HD2565X2 (OCE - ARIZONA 360XT) Like new flatbed printer with white option and roll/roll option included + WHITE. Model is X2 (OCE ARIZONA 360XT) with big format table: 2.500mm x 3.050 mm...
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    alternative to screenprinting

    i have a question. We have a client, who have bigger quantities of cellulose/coton dishcloth to print, what kind of flatbed machine you suggest for this kind of printing as alternative to screen print.... dishclothes is like this in links: Maria Dahlgren Blue Cellulose Dishcloth -HUS & HEM-...
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    For sale : Model Xerox Nuvera 120/144EA New Xerox Color 560 New Xerox Color 560 + Fiery RIP New Xerox DC 4112/4127 Enterprise demo ca. 200.000 impr. Xerox C75 - PRESS CPS New Xerox C75 - PRESS + Fiery New Xerox C75 - PRESS + ext. Fiery New Xerox Color Qube 9201/9202 demo Xerox Color Qube...
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    di and digital

    for sale: 1 x Xerox DC700 with CREO SPIRE EX, printer is like new, always under service contract 2 x Xerox DC700 with Fiery finisher and SRA3 3 x Xerox DC252 demo 2 x Xerox DC242 – new 1 x Xerox D110 B&W 3 x Xerox 4112 B&W cca. 400k impr.. 2 x Xerox 4110 B&W with ex. RIP 2 x Xerox...
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    di and digital

    eidelberg DI-PRO model 2003 with cca. 10 mio impr and Metadimension RIP. Price: 26.900,00 euro exw + Xerox DC700 with CREO EX, printer is like new, always under service contract 1.4 mio impr, CREO-Spire EX RIP.......... Price: 9.800,00 euro We can include extras: SRA3 - 900,00 euro Professional...
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    Roland 308P

    dear friends, we have a problem with main motor control unit on Roland 308P, perfector has a fault causing it to intermittently drop sheets, but in straight print it runs fine and the computer, which controls the drives from the main motor is not working. Main computer works fine, we heard that...
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    Quickmaster DI-PRO for sale

    1 Heidelberg Quickmaster DI-PRO, model 2003 with Metadimension RIP 6.5, latest update CP 2000.......Serviced through Heidelberg technician... just cca. 10 mio. impr. Price: 28.900,00 euro
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    digital machines for sale

    for sale is digital machines: here is data: 1 x Xerox DCP700 has cca. 400.000 prints and Creo CX RIP - 12.900,00 eur 1 x Xerox DCP700 has cca. 2 mio. prints and Creo CX RIP - 11.500,00 eur 1 x Xerox DC 5000 has Fiery ext. rip and cca. 1.3 mio prints - 11.300,00 eur 3 x New - XEROX COLOR...
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    Roland 202EOB

    Dear friends, do you have any suggestion about error on our 2001 Roland 202EOB. On display we have ink zone errors. If we want to open the ink zones, motors turn left as should (opening ink), if we intend to close the ink zones motors again just turn left (opening ink). Always just opening the...
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    Avalon vlf

    We need help with our Agfa Avalon VLF system. When plate are loaded on drum we get error "plate load failed with the following error code: CSDNF"....... Any suggestion ?? Maybe encoder ? when 1/3 of the plate is on the drum, then drum stops.. :mad:
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    Polar 78E error

    Dear sir, on our Polar 78E year 1997 we have error as seen on photos, is there sollutions ?? Thanks in advance Matej
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    Presstek Dimension 400

    Hi all, we have problem with our Presstek 400. When we start up system, we receive an error on externall chiller. "chiller could not start"......, but the chiller is working normally:mad::mad::mad: Please help
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    delivery gripper clutch error

    Dear friends, In my Heidelberg QM- DI-pro i I need solution for problem with CP2000 error message : » delivery gripper clutch error ». This problem is appearing 3 or 4 times in single day. Every time that problem appeared, machine stops and we need to go on »service mode« and go to »289...
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    Quickmaster DI-PRO

    Hi everybody, we connected RIP with Heidelberg QM-DI-pro, this is working very well, but we can not make plates inside the machine. Everytime that we start new job , machine is prepare for imaging and then cancel the process within 1 minute... There is no plate change inside the machine (old...

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