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    Xante Impressia Enterprise Feeder woes

    We've had an Impressia two or three years. We use it maybe once a week on average. A few months ago, the output conveyor went to pot. Now one set of belts on the Enterprise feeder is dead; the other set still works. I suppose a motor has burned out, but it's not like we worked it to death. I...
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    What do you think of this?

    Adobe has decided to focus its resources on Creative Cloud and will not continue development on its Creative Suite software, reports The Next Web. While Creative Suite 6 will continue to be supported in regards to bug fixes, there will be no further updates and no Creative Suite 7. Didn't find...
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    Xerox new-refurbished supplies

    Just wanted to warn people. We changed a drum in our Xerox, copy came out worse, then we found the "new" part had lines all over the drum. Found out that it was a "refurbished" drum. We thought we were getting new parts all the time - we're on a click charge. If you have problems, you may want...
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    Quark picture effects

    I'm trying to learn picture effects, as we just upgraded from 6. The Help instructions say you can use Picture Effects to edit EPS pictures, but it won't let me do it. It works fine on TIFF files. Anybody else have this problem?

What's In Your Warehouse

What's In Your Warehouse? Are You Sure?
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