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    Digital Microscope

    Hi, Does anyone is aware of Eyeglass (digital Microscope) to view the printed dots (25x OR 50x Zoom) and transfer the same to Computer for Post analysis. Thanks Best regards Rotti
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    D Max on Film from Epson 4880

    Hi Does any one tried RIP software and took the Film output on Epson 4800 Printer. What was the outcome for the screen printing purpose and DMax value. Thanks BR
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    Lamp for SpectroEye

    Hi, I am looking for a SpectroEye lamp unit. If any body have, please let me know Thanks BR
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    SpectroEye Lamp error 1003

    Dear All I am getting erratic density readings with my spectroeye. Whenever I measure black patch it shows as yellow density and again lesser value. I believe this is due to Lamp error 1003 code i am getting when ever I start measurement. But the instrument is measuring correct Lab values. BTW...

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