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    Down and dirty color (management)

    Just got a proposal from our prepress supplier (a certain large Japanese company) to rebuild and upgrade our Oris proofer RIP. Their G7 expert would also profile two print conditions and set us up with ColorPath Sync for one year. Cost: $15,000. Upon reading that I thought that instead, maybe I...
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    Apple Color Sync Utility

    Has anyone had any luck using Apple Color Sync Utility to edit custom profiles for output? I am thinking that if I start with a stock Proofing Paper profile I might be able to edit the Table to apply some general corrections. If not, what is this Utility good for?
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    cheap digital envelope "press"?

    Occasionally (more and more often) we need a short run (up to 500) of 4-color or variable data envelopes. Although our KM C8000 and BizHub 601 cannot do it, I discovered that our little desktop Canon MFP runs #10 envelopes fine, although very slowly, no jamming (knock on wood) and no embossing...
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    Oris re-install: upgrade or no?

    Our Oris RIP computer died painfully from a power surge last week (of the seven computers in my department it was the only one without a battery/surge protector). It was an old version of Oris Color Tuner, c. 2005 on a Windows XP server. So, complete reinstall and reconfiguration is needed. Only...
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    banding in latex vs UV inkjet

    A Ricoh salesman was very honest with us about the issue of banding in latex wide format, suggesting that tight temperature and humidity controls in the space as well as heating controls in the printer were necessary to prevent it. I have good reason to believe him, but now I am wondering about...
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    XMF and Fuji Acuity

    How well would XMF work with Fuji's wide-format injkets such as the Acuity UV "hybrid" printer (which we are looking at)? Fuji bundles a RIP and offers a RIP upgrade to ColorGate, but it is unclear whether or not XMF works with this kind of machine.
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    heat from latex inkjet

    Anyone using a wide format latex inkjet printer that can comment on how much heat these put out into the room? These machines, especially the HP, use very high heat to dry the ink. I am wondering whether this affects the room temperature much. Seems like in full production mode it could be like...
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    ECRM Workmates Mac OSX compatibility

    Need to upgrade the system software on our rather old Harlequin Mac station. Does anyone know if Workmates v8 works OK on Mac OS 10.6 or 10.7?
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    Frustration picking Pantone color in InDesign "New Color Swatch" box

    Trying to enter a Pantone number into the New Color Swatch dialog box, InDesign tries to force me to pick a different color, adding digits to my entry. Typing 451, for instance, becomes 4515. No amount of deleting that extra digit has any effect. InD just won't find my color. The swatches are...
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    PitStop Pro 11 not showing full font menu

    Times New Roman, most commonly non-embedded font on the planet comes in many flavors. Of course we cannot remap to a different flavor without destroying the fonts in the document. In the ReMap font panel, PitStop Pro 11 does not show all my active fonts (missing Times New Roman PS, the...
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    Acrobat Preflight 9 vs X

    Upgraded to Acrobat Pro 10 from 9. Imported my customized Preflight profiles, which had been working great. Now, exact same profile run through Acrobat X gives different (and very bad) results. For instance, Convert to grayscale does not convert everything. It conspicuously ignores...
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    Pitstop Pro 11 Design Layout

    I jumped form 8 to 11, so not sure if this is also relates to 9 or 10. The issue is the Design Layout Panel. Pitstop shows a small group of default layouts for applying page layouts and page boxes. I get how to create a new Layout, but is there any reason I need to save each Layout as a new...
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    How can I edit a PDF photo in "Separation: Black (process)" space?

    I've noticed that some "gray" photos in PDFs are in a special "Separation: Black (process)" color. I think they mostly come from Quark PDFs, but I'm not sure. These images cannot be edited in Photoshop (using Acrobat's Touch up Object Tool) due to the dreaded "Unsupported Color Space." Normally...
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    Need MIS consult Boston

    Our customer service department needs help. They are doing their best dealing with tons of estimates and extremely challenging timeframes. But the workflow needs to be upgraded to meet the demands of this new model of quick turn-around business. We are a small offset and digital company (staff...

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