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    RIP software suggestions.

    I don't think a newer RIP will be cheaper than an upgrade. How much this upgrade cost? Anyway, I would suggest to look at some HQ Rips (Global Graphics). ECRM has their own rips, also Harlequin GG based.
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    ApogeeX 3.0 Upgrade to version 8

    Make sure you'll receive the dongle as well. Otherwise it will be useless. And see if they have license for your CTP.
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    Compose Print Station 2 Screen CTP plugin

    See your PM please.
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    Compose Print Station 2 Screen CTP plugin

    I might have it, but I am not sure it is exactly what are you looking for. Send me a PM with your email address.
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    ft-r5055 service manual or info needed

    Chris, I think I can help you remotely. Please see your PM.
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    Ancient Apogee Printdrive LE and a failing comp - desperately need for installers!

    Hi Alith, send me your e-mail address in PM.
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    Problem with Post Script Files

    Oh well ... when you post problem like this, is not a bad idea to upload the problem file somewhere and paste the link here, so others can check on their own workflows / rips. HQ Rips accept PDF since version 4.5, if my memory serves me OK. Try to distill that file and see what result you get...
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    Customer stealing eProof files

    Well, first of all, such a file will not pass my email server :) Second, ppl. are not stupid, there are a lot of servers where you can upload a 1 Gb brochure.
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    Customer stealing eProof files

    It's a protection method. This way I am sure that my work on his files will not be printed outside my shop. If he pay for the prepress work I did on his files, then is fine for me, I give him the correct document.
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    Customer stealing eProof files

    There are cases when few (dumb) customers insist to receive a Hi-Res PDF.
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    Customer stealing eProof files

    Since it is an eProof, I suppose it is used for text and layout check ONLY, before proofing it in your house, to see how colours looks like. I have had such customers like you are talking about. All I did was to auto convert all colours to RGB using Pitstop Pro, and sent them the file.
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    Durst RHO 205 (2004 model) computer interface

    I'm looking for a used or new computer interface for a Durst RHO 205 (2004 model). Please PM me with your contact details if you have one for sale.
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    Please Help me set-up an old Dpx Genesis

    I was using a software named PcMacLan years ago, in the Win9x days. You can try to make it work over TCP/IP, but I'm not sure how to do this.
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    big problem with Indesign and Tiff and Illastrator

    Hassan, please upload the original file somewhere, and post here the link. This is the best way we can help you.
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    Harlequin rip 8.2

    @reprostudio, try what maxon said. Also, see your e-mail.
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    Rampage v13 to XMF or Prinergy.

    Jay, are you looking for a brand new CTP, or a used one?
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    PS issue from CorelDraw

    Make it PDF instead of PS, you have too much objects in that file.
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    Harlequin 5.1 and Error E715

    Unplug your SCSI card from your Mac, plug it in a PC. Download a DEMO HQ rip and see if the problem persist.
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    Agfa Grand Sherpa 50 Dongle Sadness

    Apogee is using WIBU LPT dongle, and there is no free emulator for this dongle. GrandSherpa, send me your e-mail address via PM.
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    Waiting for it

    There will be always an idiot who will want to print some business cards, but before he want to know if your printing house implemented "the latest standards".

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