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    Problem with Post Script Files

    I am not the operator but am posting at home tonight because this is driving me crazy. We have an Indesign file where the colors are separating perfectly. Each color is appearing with it's proper screening percentages before we send them to the platemaker . For example 10%M 20%C 20%Y 10%K. They...
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    Need to know Pantone Colors for.........

    I am looking for the Pantone Colors for Facebook Logo Twitter Logo LinkedIn Logo These will be produced as spot color rather than CMYK. If anyone knows the specific Pantone, that would be most helpful.
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    Help with Agfa Palladio problem

    We run an Agfa Palladio and have experienced a plate issue. The image is completely visible on the plate but will not take ink. We treat it with finisher and cleaner offline but that doesn't seem to help. It would appear to be isolated to one size of plate so we are optimistic and hoping it is...
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    Looking for a Supplier

    I am looking for a "Coupon" Card supplier preferably in Canada. I am a commercial printer but need to sub this part of the project out to someone who specializes in this sort of thing These would be approximately the size of a credit card. The reverse of the card has peel off sections so that...
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    Simple and inexpensive W2P

    Hi everyone. I am looking to see if there is a standalone W2P solution out there. I have one customer (actually something I am tendering on) that requires approx 100 sets of Business cards in a fiscal year. They want a template solution as part of the request. I use websitesforprinters at the...
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    PMS 10368 Pantone Premium Metallic

    Does anyone have the formulation for this ink? We mix all our own inks including metallics but I have no formulation for this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Intec Digital Printing Solutions

    So I had a sales guy in my office today showing me some samples from one of their devices. I must say I was impressed with the fact it could print a premade envelope, works with 24pt board and a length of 47 (?) inches. I realize full well I was talking to, and shown samples, by a sales guy but...
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    Please Help with Budgeting

    I would be most grateful if you could give me a general sense of what I should budget for: Very Good Used 4 color plus coater 25" or 29" Plus all software and workstation (etc) as we will be new to these presses but not to the marketplace. In Canada Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Repacement Rollers for GTO

    Hello everyone. Can anyone assist with contact info for a reputable supplier of GTO rollers located in Canada. It's time to replace them and I am, of course, looking for the best quality rollers I can get for the lowest price. I have dealt with Botcher (sp) in the past and all was good but I...
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    Size of a QR Code

    I have a customer that wants to add a discreet QR code to all their business cards. Is there a minimum or suggested size for the QR code? I'm assuming if it's too small it is unreadable
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    3 Ring Binder Manufacturer in Canada

    I need a small order (400) of a 3 ring binder manufactured. Looking for someone in Canada who may be able to help. Google certainly didn't help much. Anyone?
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    Edge painting

    I have a customer who is doing a fairly impressive stationery package and wants to edge paint the Business Cards. How does one do this) Detailed (ie- can't f*** it up) instructions would be most helpful :)
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    Need to Kiss Cut

    Hello. I'm located in Canada and need to find someone who can kiss cut an 8.5 x 11 sheet covered in little .25" square labels. They are not random. They are in a perfect grid pattern. They can be butted cuts as there are no bleeds The run if relatively short - 300 sheets Doable?
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    Help with ISBN

    I am printing a manuscript for a customer. I have been asked the following: I want to ask about printer info for the ISBN page – would you be able send me your info for insertion? Also, do you recommend an ISBN barcode on the bk cover, or just the ISBN? I am not sure about what is being...
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    Contract for Printing Services

    Not sure if I'm in the right place. We are a commercial printer. We never have a hard copy contract with our customers. We have some signed paper work (proofs, email, etc) but not a "Contract" entailing what each side is responsible for etc. I think you know what I mean. I have a new customer...
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    Printing Services Contract Template

    Not sure if I'm in the right place. We are a commercial printer. We never have a hard copy contract with our customers. We have some signed paper work (proofs, email, etc) but not a "Contract" entailing what each side is responsible for etc. I think you know what I mean. I have a new customer...
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    Websites For Printers

    Does anyone have any experience with this company: Websites for Printers This seems like a ready-made and simple solution for taking my website from the billboard it is now to something with function that a customer would want to use. It's inexpensive and may be a good alternative to...
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    Kiss Cutting

    I need someone who can kiss cut a sheet of a product called Phototex. The face stock is like a woven fabric and our regular supplier of die-cutting cannot cut this with his steel rule dies. I need someone with a plotter cutter that can use carbide tip. Preferably in Canada I have the sheets...
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    2D Barcodes

    I have a customer that is a very big Law Firm. They produce hundreds of sets of Business Cards per month. I need to talk to them about printing a 2d barcode on the cards that will allow someone with a smartphone to scan the barcode that in turn directs them to a website. Is there anything...
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    Best Printing Video Ever

    I don't think this sort of thing is allowed on here but until someone takes it down, here is a great video that all printers will recognize. It is not offensive in any way but it is hilarious! Enjoy!! YouTube - OffRegister's Channel

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