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    Roland Wide Format Printers

    All of that said, I do believe (sorry it's been a couple years since I worked with a Roland) that you can purchase banner material that you can print directly to on the Roland. But you still need to be off-gassing it and laminating it if its going outdoors.
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    Roland Wide Format Printers

    UV ink printers are the way to go. If you are deadset on printing these yourself (factor in the cost of someone who knows how to operate one too), go with UV. Solvent printers like Roland can work for you, but then you need to also buy a wide format laminator to protect the ink from elements. UV...
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    New To The Site - Seeking UV Printer

    I am an OCE Arizona operator (in Canada) and I Can tell you right now, achieving exact registration front to back on the flatbed is damn near impossible. You can get within 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch, but since the sheet is flipped by hand (as opposed to an offset printer which flips inside the...
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    How long does your company take

    to get the client a quote? And if known, what (ballpark) is the quote approval to quote time taken ratio?
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    Best Wide Format printer at 60+ Inches for Fine Art Photography?

    The newer Rolands can handle up to 90 some inches I believe...
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    UV small flatbed?

    I can't speak for those ones but I run the Canon/OCE 350GT (dead technology now but the newer ones are even better) and I print on phone cases often. Its great!
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    Which wide format to buy

    We run the OCE 350GT (dead technology now, I know) and we do everything from styrene to coroplast to banners and posters. And everything in between. We do a ton of lawn signs and real estate stuff and the like. Never had a complaint. Only real complaint I have is the inks are expensive and...
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    Anyone with experience with...

    We've printed onto chunks of tree as well as golf balls with our Oce 350GT.
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    What frontend system to drive Fujifilm Acuity Flatbed Printer?

    In my opinion though, the Caldera RIP software is top notch. You can just do so bloody much with it. If they have a booth, definitely spend some time there.
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    Production Coordinator at Sign Language XL in Denver, CO

    This seems much more like a project manager position??
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    How exactly dot gain tests are performed and how results are interpreted

    Can I ask a couple newbie type questions? 1. What is the purpose of this test? 2. What is used to measure the dot gain? Is it visual or is there a tool or something?
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    Printer that will insert 8.5x11 Preprinted Sheet into 11x17 Sheet, & fold to 8.5x11

    The HP 7600 Indigo I'm pretty sure will do the inserting, but not the folding.
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    Flatbed Printer

    I use the OCE Arizona 350GT. It's a bloody workhorse and can print on pretty much any substrate plus it has a roll to roll option. We've even printed on golfballs and laptops. Also, the Fuji Acuity is basically the same machine. It's pricey, but 100% worth it.
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    Matching proof to customer supplied proof

    YOu could always have the "consultant" come in and see for themselves what all is involved. If not, then write him/her a 3 page long detailed description of the process and the stuff that gordo listed. They will probably get bored after the first few sentences since they likely don't have a clue...
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    How to change K in a raster object

    No Title Correct Color Here are screen shots of most of our media profiles.
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    How to change K in a raster object

    OK. So I TOTALLY understand what you're saying here. We need color management workflow and you've heard it all before. We have one large format printer. I don't care what the rest of our shop has because this is my department so I am only concerned with this printer. I have seen countless...
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    Men vs Women

    I'm positive that will be my children in another 15 years. LOL
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    How to change K in a raster object

    Stephen Marsh I understand what you're saying. I know our CMYK is turned on...the tech warned me about turning it off...however we did some testing of blacks on different substrates and all of them show 40,30,30,100 as being the best looking black. You would think it would be 100,100,100,100...
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    How to change K in a raster object

    Well we have had this thing for 5 years now (I've only been here for 6 months) and there are countless ICCs set up on the printer, none of which will produce a decent looking RGB file - or change the blacks automatically. My assumption is that the tech set up the profiles (which work very well...

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