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    Nuarc Flip-top Platemaker

    The print shop I work at is currently selling their Nuarc Flip-top Platemaker (FT32V3UP). Everything is in working condition, we're selling it because we've upgrade to another platemaker and this is just taking up space. We're asking $500 OBO, it's a steal compared to the $3,000+ price tags I've...
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    Sourcing heavy card stock papers (14-16pt)

    Does anyone know of any sites that sell 14 or 16pt card stock? I've been trying to search for days but 99% of the results are either business card printers or pages discussing the difference between 14pt and 100lb paper. Thanks in advance!
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    Why do some inkjet printers insist on using all inks for cyan,magenta, etc.?

    This is just a general wondering of mine, sometimes to calibrate my inkjet printer I'll print out a grid of PMS tones, including straight CMYK. But when I look at it with a loupe, the CMYK squares have specks of other ink colors in them (i.e. there's cyan in the 100% magenta square). I've...
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    New here and to printing industry

    Hi everyone, As the title states, I'm new here and to the printing industry as well (relatively). My professional background is in design, having done websites, posters, booth graphics, banners, etc. for mostly entertainment companies. Through that I had experience preparing camera-ready art...

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