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    Barcodes for bookletmaker...

    Anyone using barcodes on their printed material ensure the integrity of the page/form sequence during booklet making? Just delving into a new Duplo model that has a barcode reader, and wondering if this a practical function to explore?
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    How does your digital department (prep) flow....

    Curious how the 'non-bots' work..How does your digital department (file prep) flow go ? This Poll is anonymous and set to close 10/14/16.
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    Fiery warning, don't upgrade Fiery Server to Windows 10.....

    Just passing along the warning email I received over the weekend.... Dear Fiery user, Thank you for choosing the leading digital front end for your print operations. Fiery® digital front ends are specially designed systems combining an operating system with Fiery software and custom...
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    How to insert blank every xx copies for a single sheet document???

    Is there a way that you know of to do the following.... Fiery RIP On a run of 2500 4/4 of 1 form 12x18 I need to insert a sheet (printed or not) every 25 sheets or 'copies'. ...essentially a slip sheet for bindery for shrinkwrapping brochures in set of 25.... I cant seem to locate an...
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    Digital Print Stocks grain direction question

    I was just wondering, especially in the Digital arena why Text Weight and Cover Weight stocks are different grain directions as standard (i.e. 12x18 100# Text is long grain, and 18x12 100# cover is short grain?) The reason I ask is mainly for cracking issues. (we have an inline booklet maker...
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    Synthetic paper for Epson 9880 (or Canon iPF 8400s)?

    Bossman wants to try printing on a synthetic stock on our Epson 9880 or Canon iPF8400s. I have personally never used other stocks than coated paper on these devices, as we are using them primarily for color managed pre-press proofing only. My question to those with experience... A. Is this...
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    Digital Scum or Blast or some other term?

    Attached is a pic of colorized 8.5 pt text (CMYK =15/100/90/50) Noticing the scum or blast pattern of dots around this text. Black is the main culprit. (we have been on a Ricoh C901 for 4-5mos now, and have not really looked for/noticed this (but it seems that this color break really maximizes...
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    HP5500 Designjet 42" (Q1251A) Wide Format Plotter w/DoubleProof attachment.

    posted : 7/14/2011 For Sale: to a good (or BAD) home.... HP5500 Designjet 42" (Q1251A) Wide Format Plotter w/DoubleProof attachment. This is a 6c plotter using HP DYE based inks. It was used as a double-sided imposition plotter and used a network interface with a Rampage RPD for a controller...
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    Cheese not ripping today...but bound up....

    What's the deal with Havarti Cheese anyways?....where does it come from? and how does it fit in my ROOM/NORM it JDF compliant? Ha, first post....I win ;)

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