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    4,000 XML files

    We're quoting on a mailing where we'll be supplied with more than 4,000 .xml files of individual financial letters. RIght now it seems as if the operator will need to open each one and print from Word; I'm looking for a slightly more elegant (ie automated) solution. Drag and drop onto the RIP...
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    Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango

    Customer has requested Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango for a job ... can anyone please supply a make-up of the base inks? Our Pantone books perhaps are not as updated as they might be ... regards, etc
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    RAM recommendations for CS6 basic suite

    I'm upgrading a G5 PowerPC / CS4 workstation to a MacPro2012 with CS6. How much RAM should I be looking at in the new machine for fairly robust use? thx ...
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    Font management recommendations

    I'm upgrading my production G5 PowerPC, on which I use Suitcase Fusion for font management, to a 2012 Mac Pro and CS6. Suggestions as to a font management program? It's in a print production environment, needs to be robust and reliable etc. thx all
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    Epson 9600 Ultrachrome prints turning yellow after lamination

    Epson 9600, Ultrachrome inks, Epson Photo Luster paper. Occasionally I am having an issue with laminated prints (mostly prints that have been plaqued, although it has happened with just straight lamination) turning yellow in the quarter- to mid-tone areas on the print. It does not seem to be...
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    Scripting print run from PDF

    Our shop does fulfilment work for companies that provide their clients with pension accounting services, part of which involves audited mailings of personal pension information. We have just received a 4,400 page PDF; each of the 1,100 recipients will be receiving an eight page folded and...
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    Acrobat or InDesignCS4 script to print discrete pages

    I have received a PDF with thousands of financial-type statements that will be printed as individual stitched booklets and mailed. Is there some kind of scripting available that will enable Acrobat or InDesign CS4 to print the file in sets of 8 (ie pages 1 through 8 is the first booklet, pages 9...
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    Quark 8.5 update

    Any experience with this yet? Is it a Good Thing ... or a very, very Bad Thing?
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    InDesign - creating 500 pages with linked text boxes

    I have 500 names that are to be imprinted onto previously printed placemats. Is there a way to create an InDesign document that will have 500 pages each with a linked text box so I can import the names from a supplied text file, one per page? Sounds like a job for a script to me, but I haven't...
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    Windows 7 driver for Ikon CPP650

    Our shop has been told by our Ikon tech that there's no Windows 7 64-bit driver yet for our Ikon CPP650 / Creo PowerPro Plus Server v2.0. Is there a workaround?

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