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    Imposing 2 books on one sheet

    Hi group, I need to print 20 books on a Digital press on 12x18 sheet. I'd like to print 1 book next to the other, page 1,1. 2,2. 3,3. and so on. Is their any imposition software that will easily let me do this automatically ... kindest Regards Matt
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    self adhesive vinyl on Konica C8000

    Hey groupe, I just moved from a Xerox 700 to a Konica C8000 and can't seem to find a self adhesive vinyl that will work on this machine. Can any one suggest a specific product that worked on their equipment ? kindest regards. Matt
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    Ripped PDF to Prinect workflow

    To make a long story short, I hold files for one of my customers and he asks me to distribute them according to his print volumes, to a designated printer. One of these printers uses Prinect and insists he can't run Screened PDF through Prinect and it will cause moire on Press. Keep in mind...
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    KM C8000 wavy paper and curl problem

    Hey guys, just installed a C8000 and from the start I noticed that thin uncoated papers would come out wavy and get even worst with time if I let them sit over night. I have a very controlled environment with 40% humidity at all time, I even let the paper sit exposed at least a day before...
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    Dupont WaterProof System with supplies and Screen DT-R3100 with OLP and RIP

    Hey gang, I'm in Montreal, Canada and we are closing a chapter in our small business. We are getting rid of the above mentioned items, all in working order, many spare parts. NO OFFER WILL BE REFUSED. Pick-up only. PM me for details. Regards
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    Pitstop Crop Image to Media Box

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make an action for Pitstop that will crop Images and line art to the media box. I got the Image part locked down with "Crop Images to Media box" Action, but cant find one to do the same with line art. I need to remove the content or mask it for several different usage...
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    Polar 78E minimum blade height

    Hey gang, I went trough my manual and i cant find any info on the minimum height of the blade for a polar 78e, wen I purchased the knife the seller warned me that the blades coming with it were almost done. I need to measure them, to make sure I don't pay sharpening for nothing. Thanks !
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    Epson 9800 FireWire wont print

    A little background before I start with the problem. My 9800 was plugged in a PC the completely fried late last weak, we tried salvaging some parts but to no avail ! Now I got a bran new computer siting in front of it and I cant get the thing to print :( I installed the print drivers the came...
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    Compose Express RIP troubles

    Hey guys, I have a Compose Express RIP version 5.5 driving an old Screen Imagesetter. For a reason I don't understand demand in film as ben growing and we use it a lot more then we use to. Anyhow, this RIP ben acting up lately giving us ERROR IN CONFIG FILE and once in a while it will just...
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    Need Help Polar 78E

    Hey guy's, hope I can get a bit of help out of this group. So my partner was cutting paper last week and the power went out when the back gate was still in motion. Now when we start the machine, it asks us the Scan Reference Point or go in Auxiliary mode. We tried the Scan mode to get the...
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    Numbering with XMpie uDirect

    I got uDirect for free wen I bought my Xerox printer, now I need to do tickets for a show and would like to use this software. Basically I can use the "link to Counter" feature but the customer want me to ad 2 zeros for the numbers below one hundred: 001 002 .... up to 500. I cant figure out...
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    I need help finalizing

    Hi there all. Here's the crisis ... I will be finalizing my purchase of a color printer next weak and I was wondering about some minor details. I got all the options written down so no surprise after the signature. What's the best to do wen acquiring such equipment. I was looking in to a lease...
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    Prinergy PowerPack For Sale

    Hey guys, I will not be needing my Prinergy System anymore as of January so ... make an offer ! comes as follow: Prinergy PowerPak System Updated to the latest version with 5 Clients CopyDot Toolkit with tonal calibration Option. Powerpack client Pandora Version 2.9.7 Installed on a Dell...
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    CopyDot Data to nexus

    Greetings all, I have a Question for you Nexus users out there. I have some old labels that were CopyDot Scanned way back in the days. The customer decided to change printer and asked me to forward the labels. The new Printer runs Nexus 8.6 and I run Prinergy and I have CopyDot ToolKit from...
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    Print Mounting

    Hey guy's, I have a customer who want me to mount prints on a 60 point cardboard, theirs like 10 000 pieces. At a local finishing company you have to wait your turn and sometime the wait is up to a month O.o So this is were why I turn to you for help, I did some research and didn't find any...

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