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    For sale: New Fuji LH-PJ plates, size 616 x 726 x 0.3

    These are new Fuji LH-PJ plates, size 616 x 726 x 0.3. Expiration date: January 2021. $400 per package of 30 plates each. (Pretty deep discount.) Plus shipping (≈ 35# per package from 85713 Arizona). Good plates, our problem with them is that someone ordered them without thinking what size...
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    ESS E-500 service

    I am looking for manuals, parts lists, diagrams, (anything!) for Electro Sprayer Systems' E-500 unit that is found on circa-year-2000 Komori presses. Electro Sprayer Systems was sold 15 years ago to Harris & Bruno, who sold it to another company that went out of business. If you can help me...
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    Stahl Handwheel clutch assembly

    We had to disassemble part of our unit #1 of a Stahl T-36 buckle plate folding maschine. We are looking for drawings of any kind for the clutch assembly for the handwheel. The assembly looks somewhat different from what we'd expect and we don't want to mess it up when we put things back...
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    Letterpress numbering machines

    We do a fair amount of numbering work on our Heidelberg windmill. We'd like to do more, but our sources for reliable numbering machines seem to have dried up during the Anti-mechanical Revolution. We have used some of the machines advertised as "new" on ebay and other places, and they don't...
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    New look of Print Planet forums with little logos or whatever to the side...

    I don't like it. Far too distracting. I'm "A.D.whatever" or "O.C.whatever" to start with and this is just plain cruel to my poor brain.
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    Müller Martini 1890.0199 Punching Device (DSS) instructions needed, etc.

    We have this unit for one of our booklet stitchers and would really like to get it operating. The unit punches booklets during the bookletmaking process, to deliver saddlestitched booklets that can be inserted into ring binders. Does anyone have operation and setup instructions for it? (We DO...
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    Fanapart adhesive cost

    Does anyone know why carbonless fanapart adhesive is so doggoned expensive? We are presently paying more than $200 a gallon for this stuff. As I remember: decades ago the stuff was about $40 a gallon in quart containers, which was high, but not like this. We presently buy Appvion brand, which...
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    Polar Powermax PM Junior 28 paper cutter - schematic needed

    We are trying to find a schematic for a little ol' 28" cutter we've been using for years. (Yeah, we've got a Polar 36 and 45 and a lot more... but this is perfect for some jobs that need a bit of babying.) We need to find an electrical schematic for this little one. We've got a parts manual...
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    Waste removal from die cut pieces

    Die cutting from steel rule dies is a pretty straightforward process to estimate in terms of presswork. It's pretty much figure how long to make ready, figure IPH, and run with it. Trim out is also pretty straightforward. Just figure cutting time. But waste stripping seems to trip up a lot of...
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    Ripple marks on heavier cover stock when converting pocket folders

    We have a Moll pocket-folder/gluer (Blue model) and get a ripple on one pocket when we fold stock heavier than 12 pt. (See my picture of a sheet of 14 pt.) The ripples average about 7/16" apart with about 1/8" variance and happen only on the outer edge of the pocket on the operator's side. It...

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